Sunday Smile: by the lake

summer Polaroid - in goes Gracie!

Astrid and I took a little detour towards the lakeside the other day. It was so fabulously perfect! I didn't even know I needed that little bit of true R&R until we splashed in the water. I brought along a Polaroid filled with expired 600 film and shot the entire pack at the lake!
Gracie had a blast, too, although for her to experience the water, Astrid had to pick her up and put her in. It was pretty hilarious to watch Grace paddling her little heart out before she actually hit the water! Mostly, though, she ran loops around us, trying to *not* get in the water!
summer Polaroid - by the lake

swimming + self-timer = laughter!

I will have to go with Astrid more often to this little water haven near her home. I keep forgetting how much I love water! I used to live next to the water, but it was so terribly weedy that I never swam in it. I hate it when weeds get caught on my feet or tickle my tummy. I'm very silly that way. ;)
with joy,


  1. How lovely! I'm giggling at the image of Gracie paddling before she hits the water, my Molly-dog used to do the same thing! I hope we can get some polaroid film soon!

  2. Awww how adorable! Was it Gracie's first time going for a dip? How cute!

  3. I went swimming yesterday for the first time in awhile and it felt SO good jumping off that dock into the water...so good that I did it a few more times. Being in the water feels so....freeing? Or something...it's amazing and magical what water can do and make you feel!


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