Sunday Smile: Early Morning Walk

sunday morning walk with coffee
I took an early morning walk today, around 6:30am.
Gracie pup came along for the trip, as did my morning coffee (in the form of a latte).
I happily snapped shots of the serene moments:
busy birds, sun popping through the clouds, and morning coffee love.
sunday morning walk with coffee makes me happy
me in all my morning glory (i.e. under-eye bags & slightly crazy hair)
sunday morning bird
sunday morning sun
sunday morning sky + bird
sunday morning cloud sky
I never tire of the sky and its constantly shifting dreamscape

I hope you find yourself with many Sunday Smiles today!
It's Canada's birthday, and I started celebrating early with this happy morning walk.
I have Canada Day cupcakes to help continue celebrating the day!
with joy,
p.s. I haven't blogged since last Sunday, which is crazy! I apologize for the lack of interesting entries - I'll make up for it in July! :)


  1. beauties... you know I'm a sucker for sky-scapes! Now, where you see "bags" I see happy smiley eyes... and "slightly crazy hair" looks like a gorgeous field of prairie wheat blowing in the wind! Happy Cananda day my sweet - hope you post pics later of red.icing dyed teeth!

  2. Happy Canada day!

    I love the ever changing sky too. The cloud formations and the way the light filters through them… beautiful!


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