Sunday Smile: i ♥ a rainy day

polaroid - I ♥ a rainy day
Polaroid self-portrait of me in the rain with my Orla umbrella

The other day my town finally got some rain - it's been very dry 'round these parts, so the rain day was such a blessing! I woke up with a smile and knew I wanted to go for a drive. I get giddy when it rains, more so than when it's sunny. I ended up going along one of my favourite roads leading from Peterborough to nearby Lakefield - it's a windy road that hugs the river. It's my way of "escaping". I ended up at my favourite cafe - the Nutshell Next Door - and took my cappuccino & breakfast bagel to go, so I could sit by the water and daydream in the rain.
I happened to bring my cameras - both a digital and a Polaroid. I was thrilled that I did, because I was able to take the above self portrait. I think I've only done one other self portrait using a Polaroid - it's quite a lovely thing to do. :)
Pretty much none of my digital snaps turned out, thanks to the fact that I still don't have a digital camera that takes great photos. I'm looking into getting a DSLR, but doubt I will - mostly because when it comes to digital, I'm much more of a point-and-click girl. I save my dickering for my film photography. (dickering is not a technical term, is it?)

rainy day Impulse Polaroid
I set up a bunch of plastic containers I happened to have in my car to use as a "tripod" for my self portrait :)
rainy day + my Orla umbrella
Is it obvious that I love my umbrella? and the rain?
rainy day birds
when I got home, tons of starlings were on the tops of trees, stretching their wings & singing a tune.
polaroid - umbrellas
a Polaroid I took a while ago, in the rain, using a Spectra. (yes, more of my Orla Kiely umbrella!)

The Orla Kiely umbrella that I keep referring to? That was one of my impulse buys when I went shopping for Orla goodies in Paris (back in May). I have used this umbrella tons! And I'm not usually an umbrella-user, that's how much I love it :)
with a rainy day smile,

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