Sunday Smile: a Yard Sale and Star Trek

Michele, Astrid & Martin with the epic thrift find: live long and prosper!

I spent the day yesterday helping to host an awesome yard sale with my dear friends Jen and Astrid!
Astrid and I hauled tons of stuff I was selling over to Jen's place to utlilize her prime real estate for a co-yard sale. Jen happens to live right across from our town's giant Saturday Farmer's Market, so our yard sale was hopping!
One of the best parts of the day was when Astrid's dad, Martin, showed us his thrift find. He had me close my eyes until he got it out of his car - when I opened my eyes, I saw the coolest thing ever! A large poster depicting the wisdom learned from Star Trek. I geeked out something awful, and then Astrid squealed upon seeing this masterpiece. Truly, we were all giddy about it!
You can see more about it on Martin's awesome blog, here.

Astrid & I getting loopy mid-way through the day. :)

Astrid at the market
Astrid with the pierogies & sunflowers!

me & Gracie walking through the Market (photo by Astrid)

tiny little baby Chihuahua! Gracie & I getting some puppy love (photo by Astrid)

getting some coffees (iced & hot!) from Kyoto Coffee! yum.

Gracie got all the love at the yard sale :)

Jen's girls ran a cookie & lemon-aid stand, which was a huge hit!

This is the second yard sale I did this year. I keep saying I won't do another, but then I always do. I did two last year, too! This one was awesome 'cause I got to hang with some of my favourite people; really yard sales is all about the social stuff. Seeing friends, meeting new people, putting a smile on a stranger's face - that's what it's all about! That and lemon-aid. :)
It was made even more awesome by the breakfast-making skills of Jen's hubby Ben. That man can make a mean breakfast! And we ate it whilst we were selling our wares. Ah, it was a good day!!

Martin + Star Trek = awesome
once more with feeling, I leave you with Martin & Star Trek

with joy,


  1. arggggghh!! I KNEW I should have gone to the market yesterday, bit instead we wandered to the thrift store... sheeeesh! Why do I keep finding out about these sales too late, sorry to miss you bevy of beauties!! xoxo
    needle and nest


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