Diana Mini firsts: part one

These are a few snaps I took using my Diana Mini.
I finally took my pretty coral Mini out of its box & popped a roll of film in it.
I was instantly hooked. It took a span of a week to finish the roll of 36.
What an adorable little camera, with so many possibilities!

handsome Henry
Astrid by Diana Mini
hello cows!
happy Grace
hello ducks!
bicycle & ducks
1. sunny Henry 2. Astrid 3. hello cows! 4. happy Grace 5. hello ducks! 6. my bike + ducks

When I was in Paris back in May, I knew I wanted to go to their Lomography shop to buy a camera. When my eyes fell upon the coral Diana Mini, I fell in love. I bought it & safely brought her home. I kept her in her box for over two months (!!) before finally taking her out for a spin. What a delightful little camera! I was afraid it would be too small for me - like a giant using a regular sized spoon to eat his soup with - but somehow this miniature lomography camera fits just perfectly.

The only issue is that I no longer have a viable film developer in town - when I say viable, I mean a place that knows what I mean when I say things like "Diana" "Holga" "lomography" and anything else non-digital-related. So, my dear Diana Mini was brought to a standard developing spot and of course, they had no idea what to do with square format photos. They don't have a cutter for that sort of odd thing I guess, so I had to crop each one after I scanned them. Sigh. It's so weird to see square photos printed on 4x6 paper.

*Part Two!
with joy,


  1. These turned out great! Love the one of the ducks.

  2. It's a shame you don't have a viable film developer near you but your photos have turned out great!



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