Diana Mini firsts - part two!

Here's a few more shots from my Diana Mini - I remembered to test out double exposures, finally, near the end of the roll. Somehow I always forget that these little lomography toy cameras have that ability! I was walking along the water and saw these vibrant yellow flowers, snapped a shot, then took a photo of the bright blue cloudy sky to overlap. I love how it turned out. 
I did a similar double exposure with a far-away shot of an osprey nest and the bright cloudy sky - I like how it turned out kind of spooky.
My next roll, I will remember to play more with double exposure and using the flash, etc.

flowers & clouds - double expsosure
clouds & osprey - double exposure
a Taste of France in Lakefield
hello dude in a dog suit!
dude in a dog suit
Pastry Peddler
1 + 2. double exposures 3. French restaurant goodness 4 + 5. dude in a fireman dog suit 6. sweet bakery

I was lucky enough to have lots of sun when I took my Diana Mini out for a stroll. It handled itself wonderfully in overcast weather, too. I'll be using better quality film next time I take her out, so am hoping for better colour saturation. :)
with joy,


  1. thanks Emmel-Prutsemieke! I think I agree with you ... I have to remember that Dianas are made for more dreamy shots. :)


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