fun at the Antique and Flower Show!

Cat face

I spent the afternoon today browsing lots of vintage and antique things at the Annual Antique and Flower Show in Lakefield, Ontario. It's a fundraiser for the Lakefield Horticultural Society, and I was pretty stoked about attending - it's my first time attending.
I had tons of fun nosing around, as you can see from above (cat face!) and below (feather head!). Everything was a bit pricey, but I did come away with three darling little things - a glass owl, deer art and a darling sweater clip.

feathered hat
the dummy gave me the creeps; the stall's owner had him make eyes & laugh at me. creeeeeepy!
long dog shakers
I wanted to bring these doxie shakers home with me, but not for $50!
vintage kitties & a doxie
tickle my tummy! such a cute cat - I'm sure I should've brought her home with me, as with the doxie in behind!
vintage kitty brooch
I was *this* close to bringing this cat pin home with me ... might go back and get it!
Hudson's Bay blankets
tons of Hudson's Bay blankets! All around $100, which isn't unreasonable, but definitely too much for me.

vintage glass owl votive
my amber glass votive owl! Not sure if its meant as a juice glass, but i think it's for a candle. So cute!
oval deer art
sweet forest friends scene, hand-painted on a ceramic oval - perfect for my wall of nature!
post-antiquing pose
me, post-Antiquing & wearing my new golden leaf sweater clip! also, that's my new-to-me camera bag.
I love it so much! Currently, there is a Polaroid, Diana Mini, and my new-to-me Canon S95 inside. :)

What a fabulous way to spend an afternoon - strolling through antiquities and chatting with strangers. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and will make sure I go again next year! Heck, I'll probably go back tonight and possibly tomorrow.
For my local peeps, this event is today and tomorrow (Aug 8 and 9) from 10am til 8pm. $5 admittance.
with joy,


  1. Looks like a fabulous way to spend your day. I love poking around shows/fairs like that, you never know what you'll find.

    I love your sweater clip! I've been trying to find a nice one for ages. :)

  2. This does indeed look like fun (I especially like that first photo, you're too funny!). And yowsers that dummy is super creepy...

    I ADORE the glass owl you took home - all the doxies look great but I think you chose very wisely indeed :)

  3. Yikes! That puppet is so creepy!
    But it looks like you had a blast!
    This makes me want to go resaling.

  4. I love that white kitty statue!!!

  5. ...I´ll come back very soon....


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