henry, the owl & the turtle

This is a Henry post - all Henry, all the time.
All photos taken of Handsome Henry on his favourite window sill.
The photo above shows Henry sniffing Buttercup* the turtle (stained glass art by my goddaughter Astrid!) and my button-holding owl is nearby.
*Buttercup was the name given to a turtle I rescued a while ago, as well as the shop I used to own, and Henry's original name when I adopted him.
Below, Henry shows his panache for making any spot comfortable. interesting headrest, no?

henry's favourite window

henry eye

Henry had lovely amber-tinged pale green eyes.

henry stretch
Henry looks ever so handsome when he stretches, even when he sticks his tongue out doing so. I love his little stub of a Manx tail.

And there you have it. A post dedicated entirely to Henry.
He deserves it.
with catirific joy,


  1. Oh he is the most handsome young man, isn't he? The perfect man for Zelda!


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