Marilyn, by Eve Arnold

I found myself wandering the 'net looking for Marilyn.
A softer-smiling-reflective Marilyn.
I found that one particular photographer did an amazing job of capturing that Marilyn - Eve Arnold.
A lot of these were taking during the filming of The Misfits.
My favourite is the one of Marilyn in a cozy sweater and blanket on the beach.
But how could I deny the awesomeness that is the photo of her happily cuddling a Dachshund pup?
I somewhat edited a couple of these photos; the ones that were not so great digital copies. I purposely did the one of her in that black gown with a pale pink glow - it softened it just right. I also brightened & softened the one of Marilyn in that gorgeous cherry-print dress (still from The Misfits).
Marilyn makes me want to take my pencils & sketch pad out and draw.
She'll forever be inspiring, don't you think?

Eve Arnold died early this year at the age of 99. I came across this interview with her (interviews, actually) and Marliyn was mentioned, but her work was far beyond that of photographing a sad blond bombshell - she deemed herself a journalist, which she was. Very intelligent, very strong-willed, and very shoot-from-the-hip. I love that she didn't use a lot of extra equipment; that she relied on her well-trained eye. I also love that she never used a digital camera (although she stopped photographing around the same time the digital age came about).
with joy,

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