Mmm ... frothy coffee goodness

smooth Chemex pour
mmm foamy latte goodness
add some honey

And that's how make a yummy "poor man's latte" (i.e. latte without a fancy espresso maker!). It all starts with my beautiful Chemex coffee maker (she's a beaut!).
Then it's all about rich robust coffee (I use Sweet Espresso by Ethical Bean) made from freshly ground beans, heating up milk (almond, regular, soy, etc) on the stovetop (I don't own a microwave) & frothing it up with what I refer to as a "whirerer thingamajig". I do this a few times a week; my little happy morning ritual. There's something about hands-on old-fashioned low-tech making of things ... it's more rewarding somehow, more zen. Also, very yum!
The honey on top is what makes it extra-special!

If I had a big kitchen, I'd have a whole host of low-tech coffee devices. It would look like a laboratory & I could have differently made coffee every day of the week.
I realize this makes me sound quite coffee crazy. Which is funny because I only started drinking coffee when I was in my mid-30s. I don't drink a lot of it, either - it's my special-time drink. 
I tend to be more of a tea drinker ... hence the "Tea" in the name of this blog! :)

What's your favourite way to make coffee, and brand of coffee? I'd love to know!
with joy,

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