recent Pins: the geometric owl

I'm a pretty avid Pinner over at Pinterest - in fact, I have come to realize it's made me a bit of a lazy blogger. I Pin instead of blogging about nifty things I've found on the net. So, I thought I'd start doing a regular 'recent Pins' series over here at Tea & Chickadees - for two reasons: 1. to share some cool finds, and 2. to keep my blog fresh.

To start off this new ongoing series, I thought I'd share some of the newest things I've Pinned (and love) - it's all about owls, geometrics and even a little bit of peachy-goodness. :)

I want everything you see here! I only with that cute little Mod Cloth dress came in bigger sizes. It's so cute! I might have to cave and buy the triangle owl blouse - it'd be awesome in the fall paired with skinny jeans.
sigh. Why do I have to pine over so many things?!
Well, that's why I love Pinterest - because I can simply Pin 'em and go back to them any time to ogle. It's like window shopping!
with joy,

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