Sunday Smile: Cat

a cat blanket

Last Saturday I went to our local farmer's market. I saw the above giant pink blanket with a giant kitten face on it & I swear, I squealed. I took a quick snap of it, turned around and saw these kitten faces (I think it's a rug, but can't imagine anyone actually stepping on the kitty faces!). It was all just too much. When I looked around me, there were tons of dogs with their humans. I admit, for a moment, I wished they were all kitties.
(don't tell Gracie pup I thought that, though, she'd be devastated!)

kittens rug
Henry & the lampshade

Above is a shot I too of my Henry cat the other night. This is what he does every night. He bunts/rubs/taps the lampshade on my bedside sconce. I've no idea why he must do this, but it is both adorable & frustrating. The sconce usually loses the Cat vs Lampshade showdown.
It's a mystery of catness; but life's better when there's mystery. :)
with joy,

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  1. that pink blanket is too cute!



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