Sunday Smile: yawn

Yup, that is one cute little hedgehog yawning! I saw this over on a new-to-me blog Brighter Sides (such a cute blog!) and had to hunt down its source. Of course, it's already viral, so chances are you've seen it - but is once or twice even enough? I thought not. Enjoy the utter adorableness!
*I did a couple of yawny screen caps for your further enjoyment
with joy,
p.s. you'll notice (hopefully?) that I made some changes 'round these parts; did a little redecorating/cleaning! more to come - trying to re-inspire myself :)


  1. Oh my! I had seen that little hedgehog yawning. SO ADORABLE!

    Love the blue on the blog too. :)

  2. Ahh I love this :) haha I just started college at a new campus and one of my favorite things is all the cute animals running around. Now we don't have hedge hogs but there are others just as cute! Love your blog btw! I bookmarked it <3

    Katie @ Grown2Love

  3. Aaah this is so incredibly cute! I want to cuddle it!.. or not.. :D




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