Autumn Equinox: blue skies & denim

denim + toes
blue sky

About a week ago, I took Grace on a long hike, on a perfectly crisp pre-Autumn day. It was the perfect blend of sunshine and grey. I doubled up on denim and wore my lace up Dutch shoes, excited to explore without getting overheated + sweaty (sorry, summer days, you are not my friend). Autumn is the happiest of all seasons in my world. If I could hit pause on that day and have every day that mix of warmth and cool, I would!
(I also had a pedicure and got my toes painted the cheeriest of pinks - makes for a happy end of summer!)

Now the days are so much more Autumny, with the chill bringing out sweaters and extra blankets. Today is the first day of Fall. Autumn Equinox. Kinda makes me want to don a woolen capelet, a knitted dress & tights, a jaunty cap & a pair of leather boots... yup, that's totally what I just envisioned myself wearing. It's that kind of day.

I hope you get to go out and enjoy the day, wherever you may be in the world!
with joy,

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