Dachshund vs Ghost Crab

supposedly this video went viral on the interwebs a few months ago - I am always late in seeing things that gain popularity in the youtube world, and I figure I can't be the only one. So, for your viewing pleasure I present to you a very comical + cute Dachshund vs Ghost Crab video!

I took a few captures of the video so you can check out just how cute these two are together. Of course, the ghost crab isn't having quite as much fun as the doxie... but it does make for an entertaining dance to watch!

I adore that last capture from the video, where she longingly looks out towards the water, wondering where her new playmate went.
Somehow I don't think Gracie would've been quite so into the crab-as-a-playmate thing. Her loss, though!
with joy,

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