feelin' a lil bit pretty today

Y'know when you put on something and feel, well, Good?
I had that moment today, so took some self-indulgent photos! yay! ... ?

Henry stopped by to say hi, too!
(a bird had just flown by, hence looking up just then)

If you're interested, what I'm wearing is a Marks & Spencer's navy eyelet jacket (that I bought in Paris!) and my new favourite necklace - with a pretty blue druzy stone - by Dirdy Birdy. I'll definitely be going back to Dirdy for some more jewels!
Looking at these photos makes me want to do something different with my hair. I haven't coloured it in ages and have been letting it do a natural "ombre" effect (well, ok, not really - it's just my natural colour growing in). heh. The funny thing is, I always want to go dark. I've never had dark hair, and when Fall settles in, I want to get more of a chestnut brown shade. Perhaps I'll sneak in some dark bits, just to give in to my urge a little.
oh, and here's a few other lovely pieces from Dirdy Birdy aka Leah's shop:

I have to admit that there haven't been too many days where I've felt great about myself of late. I've had a serious skin inflammation (on my face, of course) which I finally got medicine for and it's really helped. It's weird how something so *surface* can affect the inside & how you feel about yourself in the world around you. I've also had lots of flare ups with my health, all of which leads to not feeling so very pretty. So, whenever there's a moment - however fleeting - where I feel Good, I try to revel in it as much as possible. And then capture it on film and blog about it for prosperity sake. ;)

I hope you have many, many days where you feel Good!
with joy,


  1. ...looking beautiful blue eyes! Eyelet blazer?? Awesome! Sorry to hear you've been feeling rough more lately... here's to more beautiful days ahead for you. xoxo
    needle and nest design

  2. I love eyelet and navy looks gorgeous on you!

  3. Blue is definitely your color! Look at those gorgeous eyes! And the treasures you've got! I love blue myself, it's a "pink" feeling for me ;)


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