good morning Monday

morning cappuccino
morning egg dipping

I took my time this morning to make a most scrumptious cappuccino (using my recently thrifted frothing device), drizzling honey in a dreamy daze. I boiled an egg, toasted fresh bread, took out a few of my favourite dishes to use, and ate at my new (very vintage) tiny formica table. The entire process made me stop and think, "this is a moment of bliss".
Revel in your little blisses, mes ami!

with joy,


  1. Soldiers! It's been so long since I've had toasted soldiers. :)

    Such a blissful looking breakfast. I love the photo of the drizzled honey on top of the froth.

  2. mmMMMMmmmm... where the heck is the 'scratch n' sniff' feature on this post?! I love your eye for 'bliss' in the minutia of life. You and Des have the same post today almost! lol
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