My Home: la toilette*

I recently finished doing over my bathroom; a fresh lick of warm white on the walls made all the difference! As did downsizing my toilet and sink - I have a very tiny bathroom. All of this happened after my bathtub & toilet had a very unsightly (and stinky) sewage backup late last year. It has taken almost a year to get my apartment back to order, and it still has some work. I sometimes get quite stressed out about how long its taking to make my home a home, but seeing my little bathroom all shiny and clean gives me hope!
I had fun doing some finishing touches - hanging my Antique Show find (the small ceramic oval deer art below), adding a grouping of glass owls, buying a nice white storage tower & a cushy bath mat (which my cat Henry instantly took to)...

I didn't want to add too much to the walls of this small space, so I bought a towel rack that fits over the back of a door - keeps the space so much less crowded! I've had the antiqued off-white wire 3-tier basket wall rack for years, and it's always been such a wonderful space-saver & stuff-keeper!
I painted the windowsill a bright turquoise years ago, and it remains a lovely burst of colour in the space - more now that I've made it a primarily white space. A plain pine shelf is perfect for stashing little things, like nail polish and tea lights. I have a built in cabinet - not pictured - that I use to store unsightly things like medicines, extra soap & shampoo, and a miscellany of make-up related things that I don't really use often but feel the necessity to keep on hand just-in-case. Outside of my bathroom I have another built-in cabinet that stores all my towels. I love built-ins! They are the best way to keep things tucked away.
The last thing I did was frame and hang 3 Degas postcards I brought back with me from Paris - I knew they would be perfect in my bathroom, and they are. I was lucky enough to see the Degas and the Nudes exhibit at the Musée d'Orsay back in May of this year. It was a stunning exhibit, and now I can remember those moments everytime I enter my bathroom.
So, this little room of mine is a happy space. It may be tiny, but it's bright and there is no wasted space. I like it like that.

*in the post's title I said "la toilette" which is actually not the correct term for bathroom in French (it's more like a dressing room), but it sounds oh la la prettier than bathroom don't you think?
with joy,

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