Sunday Smile: billy goats and estate sales

happy billy goat

hello! This happy billy goat taps into the spirit of today's Sunday Smile!
Jen, Claire and I went to an estate sale on Saturday morning. It was a rainy day (my favourite kinda day) which meant all of the yard sales we planned to go to were canceled. Luckily, though, I had read about an indoor estate/yard sale - held in a barn! We were totally stoked about it, as only a couple of thrift-hunting ladies could be!
We were greeted by some lovely people who immediately let us know about the 2 goats, the hens & rooster, and the 2 bunnies that were housed at the rear of the barn. I bypassed all of the tables full of stuff to immediately greet all of the barn critters. I felt bad that the sale was taking up their normal living space, but was pretty darn gleeful that I got to pet them all! I may have even been more excited than little Claire ... well, almost.

Claire falling in love with some wee bunnies

billy goat nibbling on my fingertips... I let this go on for too long, but oh goodness, so cute!

Jen & Claire on route to barn: it was nasty windy rain when we got to the barnyard estate sale!

we went to the Saturday Market afterwards: Jen's getting some posies & some fresh local corn!

Here's a few snaps I took of some of the vintage photos/postcards I got at the estate sale - I got about 30 postcards & 20 polaroids. I was thrilled! I had hoped for more kitty photos - there's something about vintage photos with cats in them that make me happy. But the one I did find (below) is pretty darn cute!

white fluffy cat - vintage photo
awesome vintage photo of a bathroom loving white fluffy kitty

vintage Montana postcard
vintage postcard: Glacier Motel and Coffee Shop, Havre Montana - don't you totally want to go there?

vintage found polaroid
one of many vintage Polaroids I found in a box

I need to get a goat.
with joy,

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