Sunday Smile: gettin' Lucky

polaroid - pompoms
above: polaroid I took of Lucky's youngest daughter Claire doing a little cheer!

I spent a very special Saturday with the sweetly talented Jen (AKA Lucky Jackson of 365 Lucky Days fame), helping her set up her very big show this month at the Impresario Artisan Market in Cobourg, Ontario.
If you're a Lucky fan - or just a fan of modern textile art - make sure to stop by the gallery to get an eyeful of happiness in the shape of embroidery hoops! It's pretty darn awesome to see so many of Lucky's works up on the walls. Eye candy!

above: Lucky setting up her art

Isn't Lucky's art happy-making? One can't help but smile when you see even just one of her pieces, but to fill a gallery's worth of walls with them?! Holy instant happy pill, Batman!
with joy,


  1. !!! Okay, I just gotta say: that piece with the little girl in the pink dress, riding her bike, with a Vader helmet on is ADORABLE! WANT!!!

  2. Holy Awesome! The show looks fabulous! I can't wait to see it. What fun the two of you must have had putting it up! Congrats to Jen!
    love mich

  3. What a day!!! Thank you do much for making it look so lovely!

  4. Instant happy pill, indeed! Her work in incredible. =)


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