Sunday Smile: staying in

today is for big mugs full of perfectly foamy cappuccinos and happy puppies;
a puppy who would prefer to lounge around in front of the (faux) fireplace instead of going outside.
Grace is now under a blanket, huddled up next to me on the couch.
I will be wearing my pink polka dot pajamas for the unforeseeable future,
probably in the same spot I am in right now.
that is what Sundays are for.
I do feel bad that I didn't bring Gracie to the Blessing of the Animals service this morning, though.
she could use some extra blessings ... couldn't we all?

Henry the cat is now in the spot above.
My animals have a hard life, eh?

I hope you find snuggles and great excuses to stay in your PJs all day!
with joy,

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  1. A Sunday well spent!!! I love to stay in with my pup and watch old movies!


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