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Grace shame

I kinda feel guilty about taking this photo, but I got really frustrated with Gracie recently with her insistent need to get into the litter boxes and leave little "gifts" outside of said boxes. She does this when she feels ignored. It's crazy-making!
This dog is the least ignored dog of all time. She has a pretty much constant source of attention. She used to do this ages ago, but it finally seemed to ebb. Then in recent weeks, she's back at it - stronger than ever! She often does it when I pay attention to either of the cats. It's her sneaky little way of retribution.
Oh, and she knows she's done a bad thing - she comes looking for me with this ridiculously pathetic look on her face (and often with litter on her nose).
So, I  have publicly shamed Gracie in the trendy "Dog Shaming" way. Because, y'know, she can totally read my blog and will see that her behaviour really is 'bad dog' territory.
The plus is that she really doesn't eat the poop - I feel quite grateful that she stops at picking-up-and-dropping.
This is a source of laughter for me : Dog Shaming (guilty pleasure)
Um, and then there's Cat Shaming - which I will be doing soon enough because Strongpaw works hard to be shameful.
with (shame) joy,
p.s. I love my dog. Even when her nose is covered in litter.
p.p.s. I am also aware that her behaviour is stress-related + is worsened due to the medication she is on to control her seizures = I don't really blame her for it. :)

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