my little Cathrineholm collection

my mini Cathrineholm collectionorange Cathrineholm teapot
Thank you Oh Albatross (Regina) for finding this gorgeous piece of orange enamel lotus teapot goodness!
orange lotus Catrhineholm teapot
orange and lotus goodness!
polaroid - Cathrineholm and other things
Polaroid of my little Cathrineholm collection & the little blue cupboard filled with other little things! :)

My 'collection' is only 4 pieces small, but they make me smile so big! It started with the avocado green bowl, which my friends Michele & Martin gifted me with (at the time we didn't know what Cathrineholm was). After researching, I fell in love - hard - with all things Grete Prytz Kittelsen (designer of the lotus pattern and other works via the Cathrineholm label). It took forever to add onto the one bowl, but I finally scored two little blue bowls at a local antique market. Then just a couple of weeks ago, I gave in and bought the orange lotus teapot from Oh Albatross. I could not deny it. And it was meant to live with me! We are very happy together. ;)

Regina also runs one of my most favourite blogs - go check it out! She always has the best Fuzzy Fridays!
with joy,

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