on the road to friends

For the first time in ages, I went to my dear friends' place about 45 minutes North-ish (I'm directionally challenged) from me. A pit stop to get gas turned into a detour through Tim Horton's to grab a latte. yum!
Gracie kept the driver's seat warm while I filled up the tank :)
It was such a lovely drive, the weather couldn't have been more wonderful! I wanted to stop so many times to take photos of the cows, horses, and random wacky signs. It's impossible for me to keep my eye on the road when there's so much to look at when you drive into the country! (don't worry, no accidents were caused by my wayward eye).
I met Michele walking down the driveway to get the mail, and by that time Gracie was frantic to get out and visit her friends (Max and Nicky, sibling Airedale dogs!). They ran and goofed around like the happiest of puppies! Astrid (my dear goddaughter) came out to greet me looking fabulous in a black little frock and new-to-me red locks. Then we went in and I was surprised by a wonderful breakfast-for-lunch meal! yummy!!
Then it was teatime, which is always a lovely time with Michele and Astrid. We sat out on the sun-drenched porch, watching the dogs and the world go by. Then it was time for a wee walk through the woods! It was so delightful - the light was beaming through the tall trees just so, hitting random bits of mosses and mushrooms. Magical.
hitting the road : pit stop
Astrid @ home
baby tomatoes
friends + tea = perfect
into the woods
ladybug on my arm
red Astrid

And that was my day today.
All kinds of necessary get-awayness!
Time with dear friends - reconnecting.
Happy dog playtime equals sleeping puppy on my feet right now.
I feel refreshed; it's been too long since I've been deep into the woods!
Thank you dear friends, the Ackermans!
with joy,

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