the one with the cupcake carrier

Thanksgiving outing

The green case I'm carrying is full of chocolate cupcakes.
Yes, I have a special carrier for cupcakes. It is one of the best things I own (thanks sis!)!
I iced those delicious cupcakes with buttery vanilla icing & topped them off with happy sprinkles.
I baked them Saturday night, iced them Sunday morning and by Monday they were all gone. And I only ate three on Sunday (one tester, one at Thanksgiving dinner, and one when I got home).
Oh, yah, and two on Monday. Almost forgot those two...

cupcakes in their carrier
icing the Thanksgiving cupcakes
Thanksgiving cupcakes!
I wore my mom's baking apron - such a cute candy-striper look to it!
Thanksgiving smiles!
my happy cupcake face!

may you have a day (or two or three) filled with cupcakes!!
with joy,

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