Day 03: Something I never leave the house without.

For Day Three, I'm to share with you something I never leave the house without.
I would have to say it is this:

My powerful little digital camera, a Canon S95.

It didn't used to be this case, because my previous camera was too big/bulky to tote along with me on a daily basis. Normally, I would haul a bag full of cameras (Polaroids, lomo cameras, etc) if I knew I'd be heading somewhere that I'd get a twitchy trigger finger. Now, though, I bring my new-to-me Canon S95 with me everywhere. I love that it's little, I love that it's got lots of doodads to play with, and I love the sweet leather case it lives in (like a sweater, only leather + not so cuddly).

I would be sharing a photo of said camera, but I didn't have a digital camera to take a photo of my digital camera with. Yup. So, instead, I did a doodle of my camera. It's more fun, anyways. Doodling is always more fun.
with joy,

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