Day 05: My hometown.


I'm not exactly sure what classifies a "Hometown"; is it where you're from originally? is it where you live currently, or is it the one that you hold dearest in your heart?
Originally, I am from Pointe Claire, Quebec. That doesn't count, though, because I was just a wee baby there. As for where I hold dearest in my heart, oddly enough I have to say Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where I spent a few years of my youth in. I have the most fantastic memories of that time in my life.
It's fitting that where I live currently is also a place I do hold dear to my heart, though. Right up with my Saudi memories. This is the town where I became a fully realized person. Where I met people I hold dearest to my heart. Where I've accomplished the most.
Peterborough, Ontario.
A town I have either lived near or lived in for over a decade now. That's a pretty long time for me, and I don't see myself moving from here anytime soon. Although, I have to admit I do daydream of moving to the west coast (hello Vancouver, Oregon, Seattle!) or to Scandinavia (see Day 01) from time to time.

I chose some photos I took on the most perfect autumn day a while ago; pictures I took at one of our most well known & visited landmarks - the Peterborough Lift Lock. It really does have a cool history to it, and I've taken the Lift Lock cruise more than once through it. It's fun to be a tourist in your own town!
I stopped on this particular day because the sun was glowing, the sky was its bluest, the leaves were oh so robust, and the Canadian Geese were especially pretty amongst the leafy reflections.


This is most definitely one of the reasons I love my hometown. It glows in the autumn. We have a love/hate relationship with the Canadian Geese that take over (well, I love them but a lot of folks hate them for their immeasurable amounts of poop). I live in a part of Ontario that really does make for spectacular autumn visages. There is so much nature here! I hope that never changes, although I know it will - it already has. I can see "progress" angling its way in every year that goes by. I hope, though, the City stops before it becomes one of my previous "hometowns" like Pickering or Newmarket. Both of those towns were full of nature and farmlands and all that good stuff when I first moved there, only to become asphalt jungles by the time I moved.
I can never live in a place that is made up of mostly concrete and malls. I need nature and space and, yes, even Canadian Geese! to be content.
I live in a quaint part of Peterborough, in what is called East City. You get to it by going over bridges. Isn't that awesome?! I think it's pretty cool. Because of how East City is built, there is really no room to bulldoze down anything to build up malls and such. It's kind of protected. I live directly across a city parkland with the Rotary Trail going through it for pedestrians/cyclists to enjoy. Then there's a canal where I can watch ducks play and dogs swim. It really is quite ideal.

On top of that, we have a fabulous downtown community of independently owned businesses. Of which I used to be very steeped in! I worked at a couple of the shops there, and then opened my own years later. Now I even have a friend who owns one of the shops! (Des of sofawned.com owns ShopTango.ca) You can get shoes, fashion, vintage, health food, locally brewed beer, eat at fabulous restaurants (Mexican! Thai! Cajun! Pub! etc!) and let's not forget our cafes. Personally, I have never lived anywhere with such an awesome array of shops and eateries. All in one area of town. Bliss.
Oh, and let's not forget my town's artisans and musicians! Good lord, it is an endless tap of creativity here!

So, what are you waiting for? I know you want to move here! ;)
with neighbourhood pride,
p.s. we also have a Cosco, 2 Wal-Marts, a semi-big Mall, a bunch of big box stores and tons of Tim Hortons.  

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