new glasses = happy me!

hello! I just got my new glasses in the mail today, and I'm in loooove! So, obviously, I had to take many photos of myself to share in a public manner. Isn't that we do? Yes, yes it is.
I hereby give you me! Me in cute catseye frames! (do a little dance!):

The above photos were taken in front of my favourite wall, my Wall of Nature. Love how the (faux) deer head's antlers are right above my own head in that 2nd shot! ha! Couldn't have planned that any better ;)
Then I went outside and took some in natural light, because I prefer being au naturale (uh, but with clothes on). Since I had a new outfit on, I figured hey, why not take a few shots of the clothes? Let the vanity continue!

I'm a teal girl today! Teal skinny jeans, teal turquoise black brown + beige striped top + tan clogs made up my outfit today. Shall I do the blogging thing and tell you the details of my outfit? Okay!
striped top: Retimans
teal jeans: Lois
clogs: vintage Acorn Canada, thrifted
necklace: via Havok Designs
glasses: Love L740 Orange Pekoe via ClearlyContacts.ca

close up of the clogs - love them!

selfie oopsie outtake! always good for a giggle! ;)

Hope you're having a lovely beginning to your weekend! I admit to having one - love that I got my new glasses in the mail today (cannot say enough glowing happy things about Clearly Contacts!) and scored a brand new pair of Naot shoes whilst thrifting! yay! Also snuggled with the sweetest of kitties - her name is Stella, and she's one of my vet's in-shop cats. I keep telling the vet staff that if Stella ever needs a new home, she's mine.
with joy,

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