Sunday Smile: destiny at the antique barn

girl in a mirror! hello! :)

My mom and I went to a favourite lunch spot, and afterwards I popped into the antique barn nearby. I go to this place semi-regularly, and almost always leave with a little treasure. Today was no different! It was obviously destiny. After taking a peek around, I had decided on a little West German sconce vase that goes with a vase I have, but then when I was walking towards the checkout, I happened to look down into a box. There it was, like a beacon, a shiny box with the words 'Polaroid Spectra' on it! In case you didn't know this already, I'm a Polaroid girl. And the Spectra is one of my favourites. So, my heart fluttered as I picked up the shiny box, and when I opened it I realized this was a MIB Spectra Polaroid. I don't think it was even ever taken out of its styrofoam encasement before! Squeal! I haggled on the price a bit, and happily brought it home with me. It's not the type of Spectra I would have normally been excited about, as it's a Spectra 2 and has none of the controls my Spectra AF has. Oh, but it is so shiny!
I've become a bit obsessed with Spectra Polaroids of late. 
here it is, in its shiny box. I have to wait til I get more film from The Impossible Project before playing!

It really is enough to make this girl smile!
with joy,

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