Sunday Smile: Mr Giggles

mr gigs smushy face

Peeked into Lucky's today with Astrid and did a sneak Mr Giggles attack!
Mr Giggles is Lucky's most awesome cat. He is The Gigs!
Got lots of snuggles from the sweetest girls, too - Lucky's daughters.
All in all, it made for a wonderful impromptu lovefest!

Astrid and I, Elly and Claire, and Mr Gigs. Happiness!

hello Gigs! mwrar!

Isn't Mr Giggles the cutest? I love his amber eyes and multiple toes.
I've got lots of Polaroids of the girls + Gigs, too. Need to scan them in and share the awesome.
It's moments like this that make a girl smile :)
with joy,

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