the Cathrineholm nook

Cathrineholm nook preview

Just a quick & happy little post to show you a preview of my sweet kitchen nook! I worked quite hard to get this little corner finished - the walls were a disaster after having way too many holes from too many screws after hanging t0o many shelves (whew!) so the amount of hole-filling & sanding was entirely not-so-much-fun. I did a fresh coat of white over top of the sad beige that lived on the walls before, and spray painted the pretty shelf I thrifted a while ago white. It's my favourite little nook in my apartment, and now I can't wait to paint the rest of my kitchen, living room and hallway white!
I created this white nook specifically to house my Cathrinehom bowls and kettle. I knew I wanted them to sparkle against a clean white canvas. What you can't see in this photo is my little chrome + formica kitchen table and two molded plastic chairs (one faux bois, the other turquoise).

oh, and just for giggles, here I am sanding the crap out of the above wall (in the photo you can't tell just how many holes were filled or how horribly beige the walls were, but you can tell how unkempt I was):

with joy,

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