Bill Murray Paper Doll

I came across this little bit of awesomeness just a few minutes ago and quickly fell in love, so had to share!
An artist's ode to Bill Murray in paper doll form - not just the static paper doll, which is awesome enough, but also a fabulous stop motion video! boom! happiness.

Bill Wearing Socks from Niege Borges on Vimeo.
This is my thank you card to Bill Murray. But as I am not very good with words, I decided to make a paper doll with costumes of his filmography.
Thanks to Vinícius Perez that edited this video.
You can buy a poster with all the costumes here: http://society6.com/NiegeBorges/Bill-Wearing-Socks_Print
enjoy! (kinda wish the actual paper doll was available, but the poster is pretty sweet!)
I adore the flick 'The Man Who Knew Too Little' so squealed a little at its inclusion. Also, Rushmore and What About Bob. Um, and Life Aquatic and everything else by Wes Anderson. Oh! Ghostbusters! ah, yah, let's not forget Caddyshack shall we? Really, Bill just rocks doesn't he? :)
This reminds me that I need to see 'Broken Flowers'.
with joy,

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