Christmas scenes from around my home

this is a little glitter deer head.
obviously, I had to buy it and hang it up!
it now greets anyone who may dare enter my lair ;)
without the flash!
my little ceramic tree, sitting next to my bed.
freshly thrifted vintage creche! I love its plastic charm.
even my poor unsuspecting vintage critters get into the Christmas spirit!
I thrifted this fabulous garland to make my Wall of Nature more festive

Believe it or not, there's even more holiday decor going on in my little apartment [here] and [here]. I kind of went overboard this year, which is unprecedented in the Hobbit Hole (what my apartment is affectionately known as). I'd like to think, though, it's not a commercialized Christmas in my abode. It's kitschy and nature-inspired, for sure, but not "Christmasy" if you know what I mean?
I admit to having a thing for glitter this holiday season, though. It's a first for me! I've never been a glittery girl, but gosh darn it all, a little glitter goes a long way to brighten up a day!
Merry Christmas Eve!
and Merry Christmas to those who are a day ahead of me!
with festive joy,

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