oh, Maru

I'm pretty sure you all know about Maru, right? He's kind of famous.
I just saw this video and it made me giggle, so thought I'd share. Even though there's a high possibility you've already seen it a few times already. The cardboard Deathstar-like kitty house is called a Kamakura Lair, and it's designed in Japan. Of course. Because all the cool cat stuff is in Japan. Which is why I want to go to Japan. Maybe I can even meet the famous Maru? Oh, one can only dream!

totally looks like the Deathstar, am I right?

Maru is entirely too entertaining. I have no idea how his humans keep up with his antics. I bet he's a handfull, and quite possibility have a bit of a Prima Donna attitude.

Which for some reason has made me segue into this...

PrimaDonna by Marina and the Diamonds

This is a bit of a random post, isn't it? I'm in a random mood, so it's okay. I kinda dig Marina and the Diamonds, I've blogged them before (2 years ago!). This particular video/song is oh so Marie Antoinette, don't you think? A modern-sixties kinda Marie with no beheading and a German Shepherd. hmmm.
with random joy,

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