Sunday Smile: little Golden Christmas Tree

I've been making Merry around these parts, putting up Christmas decorations and playing lots of festive music (by The Good Lovelies and Meaghan Smith). There's something about having Christmas music blaring in the home that makes a girl just want to get her decking of the halls on!

I love my golden Christmas tree. It's just the right level of tacky. Add a feather boa and bunches of unique decorations and it makes for a fine little tree indeed! I wanted as much glitz as possible, so stuck with mostly sparkly things. The newest edition is the darling painted cork feather I picked up at our local Focus Fair by the ever-talented Mel of Needle and Nest Design.

I'll have lots more Christmas photos to share over the coming days, I'm sure. I just keep decking! I even have a 2nd little tree, a vintage one, sitting in my foyer to greet visitors. I have never gotten so into decorating for the season as I have this year. Maybe it's because it's a great distraction from all the cleaning I have to do around here. ha. (seriously. I'm the queen of procrastination...)

Henry Bear cat wanted to be a part of the sparkle party :)

with holiday joy,

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