the one with the crazy antlered girls

3 antlered amigos

My mom and I went to my goddaughter's family home for a pre-Christmas celebration. It's an annual event, and one that I greatly cherish. It's all about yummy food, laughter, and friendship.
This year I brought antlers for myself, Astrid and little Gracie. Obviously, photoshoots were necessary!
Between antler shenanigans, I also took photos of our Christmas together:

deer wrap
my wrapping job - all deer, all the time!
gift table
Michele hand painted little red birds on kraft paper! so sweet!
dreams come true
hedgehog mugtail
I never even dreamed I would own a mugtail!! Astrid got me the hedgehog! eep!!
doxie S&P
I received these sweet Dachshund S+P shakers from the Ackermans! yes!
Hello Kitty cupcake topper
cupcakes with festive icing and a giant Hello Kitty!!
foxy shortbread
fox shaped shortbread cookies? yes please!
grace in a tree
the Gracie ornament I made for the Ackermans hung on their Christmas tree. so sweet! :)
sprocket rocket instructions
Astrid and her dad Martin working on putting film on the Sprocket Rocket I gave her :)
crazy antlered girls
more of those crazy antlered girls!

Such a Merry pre-Christmas time was had by all! Lots of cookies were eaten, too. :)
It's so lovely to have friends-that-are-family. To be able to just *be*. Sometimes its not like that with our own families, so it's nice to have people to spend time with that *get you* and you *get them*. Y'know what I mean? Like, you can wear antlers and act like a bunch of red-nosed reindeer and it's perfectly normal. ;)
with joy,

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