the one with the glittery deer

I've been madly getting into the Christmas season, at least as far as decorating is concerned (well, I also finished my Christmas shopping at the end of November...). I even got some gold glitter paint to make my Christmas get a little glitzy!
I found this old discarded white flocked deer in a thrift shop and immediately knew I wanted her to stand in the middle of a wreath. Funny thing is, I'm not a wreath kinda girl. But, I just knew its where she belonged. Not only that, but I knew she needed to be gilded.
*note: I may or may not have heard the deer tell me this

Now I have a Watcher at my front door! I feel suddenly safer and more glittery all at the same time.
I also learned I'm highly allergic to glitter paint. This made my crafty session a little less fun, but I think the pain was worth it. I kinda want to dip other things in gold now...

I'm attracted to shiny things this Season - I've added touches of glittery gold decor here and there around my place. Heck, even my little Christmas tree is gold! If there's ever a time to shine, its this wonderful season.

This bit of wreath craftiness was also quite easy on the pocket book. Even with the one wreath I thrifted and realized it was a piece of crap that couldn't be salvaged (true story) - I only wasted a dollar though, and it was also a good learning experience (you can't save everything). I found a real evergreen wreath (smells lovely!) for only $10 and then added a few sprigs of glittery fake leaves + fake red berries, which were 50% off at Michaels. The deer came with the original wreath, so it was free. I think I may go out for a hike and pick up some fallen pine cones & clip some wintry berries to add to the festivities.
with joy,

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