Monday Meow

kitty kisses are the best

Today's Monday Meow is all about kitty kisses!
I was hanging out with Jen & her daughter Claire & their Mr Giggles (the kitten) and captured the above snapshot of Claire giving kitty kisses to Gigs. What an adorable moment in time!
I decided to search Flickr for some other kitty kissing moments, and found some darling ones to share with you today (click on individual images to view their original sources):

Kissing kitten kisses Leif kiss Kisses Kiss me kisses

Isn't that a whole lotta kitty lovings!? I loved that I found a couple of guys giving kitty kisses, too!
However, the pièce de résistance is the image you see below ...

Kiss kiss
{Frank the Dachshund giving Bean the Cat kisses}

How much do I wish my Gracie pup would give Buttercup cat kisses ... instead, Grace just barks & chases & altogether is very jealous of my new cat friend. I won't give up yet, though! One day, I will find Grace and Buttercup curled up together on the couch. (hey, a girl can dream, can't she?)
with joy,


Sunday Smile: my Kitchen Owls

kitchen owls - salt shaker

These are the three owls that sit in my kitchen:
there is the S for Salt shaker (I want to make a little cape for it so it can be a Super Salt Shaker!),
there's the little owl that holds my toothpicks ever so delightfully,
and my Kitchen Prayer owl that handily contains some measuring spoons!

I've blogged about my Kitchen Prayer owl before, as he was such a happy thrift find,
and the other two kitchen owls came to me as gifts from my dear friends (hello Michele, Martin & Astrid!).
They sit upon my blue kitchen shelf, directly below my turquoise window sill.
It's hard not to smile when you look up and see them looking all owl-eyed at you!

kitchen owls - toothpick holder kitchen owls - measuring spoons

Do you have something in your kitchen that makes you smile?
with joy,


the one with The Dress

Polaroid - Astrid - The Dress 
{above: the Polaroid of Astrid & the Dress}

Astrid, Jen and I spent the day thrifting about town & sharing lots of giggles. It's pretty much the most perfect of days, made even more so by the Dress! The Dress is what you see Astrid wearing above & below; the loveliest of vintage frocks that I happened upon at our local Sally Ann (aka Salvation Army). 
There was much squealing and oohing & ahhing, as this dress was obviously meant for Astrid; it fits her as if it were made for her! It could be handmade, and if so, it was done by someone who really knew what they were doing. I'd place it in the 1950s, as it has a metal zipper and the fabric & style are indicitive of that era. 
I wish I had taken some close-up shots of the details in the dress - like the pleating on the shoulders & the faux wrap neckline. Oh. So. Pretty!!

Astrid & the Dress + Gracie the pup
{above: my pup Gracie adoring Astrid & the Dress!}

As a sidenote, it was ever so much fun to take photos of Astrid in my apartment! It feels so good to be (mostly) moved back in! Being surrounded by all of my favourite things, making coffee in my Chemex, and just puttering around making it mine again.

Astrid posted more pretty photos of the Dress, so do stop by and pay her a visit? Thanks!
See you again soon!
with joy,


Monday Meow

This Monday Meow is brought to you by an extra special meow-maker, and his name is...

My sweet Buttercup is a  3 year old pure black Manx, with the softest of fur (someone referred to it as being soft as a bunny's - it's true!) and sweetest of overbites, the cutest stub of a tail and the longest of legs.

Buttercup in the sunshine
{look at his stubby little tail! it wags, too, which is entirely too cute}

It was purr at first sight the day before my birthday, back in January, when I first set eyes on Buttercup. There he was*, all sleek and handsome and looking a little lost. I asked what his name was, and the response was a sign from above: Buttercup! That's right, I didn't name him (you thought I did, didn't you?)! His first owners did, and while I don't know the story behind why they named him after a butter-coloured flower, I am ever so glad they did. I knew without a doubt this handsome fellow would be coming home with me. The bonus points go to the fact we nearly share a birthday, too!
*I adopted him via a local cat rescue organization called A.R.K. (Animal Rescue Krew).

Buttercup smiles
{how I love that face! can you see his overbite? normally his fangs stick out, too}
Buttercup's shadow
{his eyes go from a honey gold to a light green, depending on the light}

I brought home Buttercup this past Saturday and he immediately took to me, and I him. It took a while for him to move in with me as I am still in the process of moving in myself. The only worry is how my puppydog Grace is taking the fact she has a new brother; Grace doesn't much like sharing me with another fur baby. So, I take turns giving comfort to both (comfort = snuggle time on the couch). Right this moment, I have Buttercup curled next to me, resting his cute face on my lap. I have no words to describe just how easily I have fallen in love with this little Buttercup boy.
Now, let's just hope Grace stops worrying that she has been usurped and she'll stop growling everytime she sees her timid little brother.

Buttercup's first day
{above: first photo I took of Buttercup: a butt shot! meow!}

I hope you have a happy Monday; mine is filled with new cat love and lots of coffee. Not a bad way to spend a Monday, eh? (it's Family Day here in Ontario so I'm spending it home with my furry friends)
with joy,


Chemex coffee & Chalkboard labels.

sweet espresso

I got myself some new coffee beans the other day & had the pleasure of making my first cup of Sweet Espresso this morning. SO GOOD! The company is Ethical Bean & it's the first time I've ever gotten their coffee, and I don't think it'll be my last.
I always store my beans in a super duper sealed glass jar, to ensure freshness. I have a dozen of the above jars, which are perfect for just about anything. I had a brainwave this morning to use my chalkboard labels (I bought mine here) on the jar to remind myself which type of bean I am using. Not sure why I never thought of this before, but it's kinda brilliant don't you think?
That's my Chemex coffee maker sitting next to the beans, of which I had just ordered a batch of new filters and a glass lid from the Green Beanery. I was impressed by the fact the filters & lid only took a day to get to me! This time I got the bleached cone-shaped filters and they are much better than the unbleached square ones I previously used. If you are a Chemex user, I highly recommend the bleached over the unbleached filters - for some reason, I find it brews cleaner this way.
For those of you interested in brewing coffee the Chemex way, I found a fabulous how-to by Long Miles Coffee Project. I've already incorporated some of their tips and my coffee is thanking me!
I also Pin Chemex-related goodies.
I guess you can call me a Chemex crazy chickadee ... really, go ahead and call me that. I'm cool with it! ;)
with joy,


Monday Meow

How's this for a new weekly feature? Monday Meow! Since I'm constantly coming across nifty cat-related things, and I know I'm not the only one who enjoys such things, I thought I'd share a prettily curated cat-related post on Mondays.

I'm kicking it off with a fashionable feline feature, which I'm sure is a theme I'll be repeated in future Monday Meows. I did a little collage of a few fancy cat fashions (seen above) I found on Etsy. I'm a big fan of Leah Goren's cat textiles; I'd wear that dress at a Sunday afternoon tea. For my own fashionable cat sense, I'm surprised I don't own any cat sweaters. I'm jealous of Amy's (of A is for Ampersand) ability to make a cat sweater look cool; not everybody can do that. 
Don't believe me? Check out the meowdorable fashion below:

{click on image to go to Amy's Flickr source}

Final fashionable cat item to share today is this sweet-as-can-be Audrey Jeanne cat hug tote bag:

so sweet!

See you next Monday, when I hope to share an extra special Monday Meow with you all!
Until then, same Cat Channel, same Cat Time. heh.
with meows,


Sunday Smile : the Doxie Collection

my doxie collection, thus far
{say wiener!} ... yup, I'm that cheesy.

My newest collection of critters stars the ever-delightful and darling dog: the Dachshund!
For those who don't know, my dear pup Grace is 1/3 Dachshund (I dare say, the cutest part!) and since having her in my life I have become endeared to that particular breed.
And so began my unintentional collection of little doxies. It started with the large pale yellow doxie planter you see above; something I used to store my pens & pencils on my desk. Then came a glass doxie with a collar & chain connected to two puppy doxies (not pictured). I always intended to list them in my vintage Etsy shop, but something stopped me. That same something didn't stop me from buying more little Dachshund tsotchkes.

royal mint doxie love!
{above: my sweet little sweater doxie, by the fabulous Royal Mint ; a gift from my mom!}

So, I had to do a little mini photoshoot of that little sweater doxie, and then turn it into the above animated GIF. The mini camera was a gift from my goddaughter, Astrid! So cute. I knew I wanted to do a paparazzi-style shot using it on my cute lil doxie. 

You can probably tell that I am thoroughly enjoying displaying my little collections? :)
with joy,


Sneak Peek : Scenes from my Apartment

owl lightowl in the window kittens on a wall vintage kitties all in a row

I've started the move back into my apartment!
It has been 3 months since I've lived in my own happy space, so this is pretty big stuff.
I've been busy unpacking boxes & boxes of my belongings after finally getting my furniture back into place (thanks to a few very good friends - you know who you are!). I decided I'd be ruthless with the things I collect; only keep things that I really really really REALLY want/need/love. I was scoffed at for saying I'd be brutal because I do tend to hold onto things (I'm far too sentimental), but I really have been a big meanie. I've already dragged at least 10 bags/boxes to the local charity shops. I have more boxes to go through, which means more to get rid of. I can't believe how good it feels to reduce reduce reduce! 
I love having less stuff around me. Though I am far from being deemed a minimalist, I am trying to surround myself with only that which makes my space more functional and beautiful.
It's entirely too much fun to put together little vignettes of happiness - I'm enjoying making a home for myself; hopefully it will brings smiles to those who come for tea, too. (can't wait to start having friends over again! I kinda miss my mini tea parties)

seen above : my vintage opalescent owl night light, a recently thrifted stained glass owl, my vintage kitty coasters hung on the wall, and a shelf full of vintage kitty goodness.
with anticipation,


Sunday Smile: sunshiney winter day

shiny happy faces 

I took Grace for a walk on a particularly sunny winter's day. It was the perfect weather; a mix of warm (sun) and cold (snow & ice) that is so refreshing.
I came across the above smiling faces on my walk & asked if I could take a photo of their happy hats. I forgot to ask their names, but they happily posed for my camera. Sweet little faces!
Next to them were a couple of boys ice skating on the trail! Note that there isn't actually an ice rink; just the walking trail with some ice on it. I love how kids will find a place to play anywhere! I saw a cast off pair of skates laying on the ground. Made me wish I had a pair to whisk off to the local canal & attempt skating again (something I've never been very good at).

the skates hello, sunny winter day chevrons + pine cones 

I saw the above little pine cones on the ground and when I looked through the lens, the chevron shapes that someone's boots left behind became visible. I love finding shapes and textures in nature.
Gracie had a sniffing fiesta over a small gathering of twigs and brush. She is so cute when she gets sniffing; stretching her neck out and tucking her ears back.

Grace sniffer

It was a much needed nature walk; seeing the glistening powder on the ground, the children playing outside, the sunshine doing its thing. The world was awake and active. It's a good time to breathe and soak it all in.
with sunshine and smiles,


an Afternoon, in Polaroids

polaroid - sympathy for the rebel
{above: Sympathy for the Rebel - a very cool vintage shop}

polaroid - bloodline parlour - Astrid
{above: Astrid in Rebecca's Chair @ Bloodline Parlour}
polaroid  - bloodline parlour - Astrid
{above: Astrid with a new cut & colour! can you see the turquoise/green ends?}
polaroid - bloodline parlour - Sweep
{above: the dog with the coolest 'do, Sweep! + knitting @ Bloodline Parlour}

I had fun with my Polaroid the day I spent with my goddaughter Astrid during her pre-birthday cut & colour at the spectacular Bloodline Parlour! Rebecca was her stylist (who is also mine & a few other bloggers 'round these parts) & Astrid had her hair coloured a rich coppery dark brown with fantastical turquoise/green highlights. I spent the time with Astrid's mom (my friend) Michele; I was given a wonderfully thoughtful birthday gift I got to open at the Parlour & hung out with a very cool dog named Sweep. I also partook in a yummy latte and croissant. All the while being a part of Astrid's 16th birthday celebrations! After the fun with hair, we went next door to the fab Sympathy for the Rebel to check out the vintage dresses. I had a great conversation with the owner, Ryan, about Polaroids & The Impossible Project. Then, on the way home, we stopped into Enticing Cakes to buy a bunch of cupcakes! Honestly, one of the best days ever, with 2 of my favourite people. It was a day worthy of taking Polaroids. I just wish I took a Polaroid of the cupcakes!

In case your a twitter-fiend like me, find everyone mentioned above on Twitter:

with joy,

Hello February : Birthday giveaway Winner!

I've been quiet the past while, haven't I? Hello February, where did you come from?! I was busy celebrating my birthday and starting the big move back into my apartment to notice we've entered a brand new month. Life has been pretty gosh darn busy over here in Tea & Chickadees land! Soon, I'll be settled back into my home and can get back into a happy, healthy little rhythm of stocking the virtual shelves of my vintage shop making art and planning my upcoming Paris trip (flight has been booked! eep!).

Well, I'm breaking my unintentional blogging silence with a lovely announcement : the winner of my "Favourite Things" Birthday giveaway! So without any further ado...

Saylor Made aka Jeannine is the sweet chickadee who won all the goodies seen below!

the winning entry : #4

the drawing of the winning number (I did it by hand in lieu of random.org)

Congratulations Jeannine! I'm so happy I chose a number that found its way to your comment; such a talented artist and a fellow Canadian! Woot! I shall send along your goodies next week; just need your mailing address!
with much joy,