the best accessory...

These are fabulous fashion photographs! Raising awareness for adopting a rescue pet, it's a mix of high fashion meets the Dog. yay! I love how we don't see the model's face - it's all about the pup!

I found these images over at Papermag.com - click to see even more dogs meet design.
How many of you would love to see one of the dogs in that last tutu skirt? Raise your hands! woof!

My local pet rescue organizations:

Now where's the cats? I admit that our feline friends can be a bit more, shall we say unpredictable? than their canine counterparts, but I'd love to see the same style of photoshoot with a little more meow! ;)
with pet rescue joy,


focus on: Fine Little Day

Oh boy, what a visual smorgasborg over at Fine Little Day!

This is what you'll see on their About page:
Fine Little Day is a sprawling and happily inconsistent company and blogbased in Sweden, Gothenburg. Our ambition is to include art and design in your everyday, for a joyful life. Fine Little Day was founded 2007 by artist Elisabeth Dunker
I love the fresh, happy things you can find at Fine Little Day - even the name of their shop makes me smile! I'm always drawn to patterns, and there's plenty to take a peek at there.

You can also visit their delightful creative-filled blog and their brand new vintage Etsy shop, too!
I have just started following their Pinterest boards, too. Full of goodness!
with joy,


my happy shelf

my happy shelf

This is my happy shelf, it's the shelf I look at when I sit on my couch. The TV is directly below this happy shelf, which means it's viewed quite often! 
The shelf itself was a thrift find of my dear friend Martin (of Flashlights & Arrows) - it came in a set of two, and they are the best shelves I've ever had! One dollar very well spent. Thanks Martin!
I knew I wanted a shelf full of a few of my favourite things on my living room's blue wall, so I slowly compiled a selection together and came up with what you see above.
On the far left is my porcelain wall pillow from the fabulous Stepanka (who also made my favourite mug). I had to have the 'pillow' as soon as I saw it; it has my favourite number (22) on it! Next to the pillow is a vintage perpetual calendar - one of my earliest Etsy purchases, from the delightful Every Eskimo.
Some art, some owls, some geekery, some vintage. Happy stuff!

happy shelf - poppopportrait

Above is my newest Etsy purchase! I've always wanted a Pop Pop Portrait print, and this one beckoned me the moment she listed the original (which I really really wanted). If you're a fan of Breakfast at Tiffany's then you know the scene above (one of my favourites!).
The owl in a teacup print is from another of my faves, Tabitha Emma. I've always loved Tabitha's art, and this print is so happy-making! I hope to get more owl & tea combination prints - they go together so perfectly, no?

happy shelf - the owl & the pussycat

The owl & the pussycat duo was supposed to go into my vintage shop, but I fell in love with them so there they sit upon the shelf. Behind them is another sweet piece of art, one made by Lucky Jackson. She made this particular one for me, because when I saw it being made I sort of squealed & asked if I could have it. Whenever I see it, I smile.

So, there's my happy shelf! I hope it brought a little happy to you, too.
Oh, and yes, that is Batgirl (thank you Jen!) and Electra Woman (thank you Kev!) standing on the shelf, too. A girl's gotta let herself geek out from time to time!
with joy,


these shoes...

happy day -my shoes
jeans in technicolour
polka dots & shoes

I've been wearing these shoes a lot lately. I admit that I've ignored the fact that they squish my big toe just a little bit because I love them so. They're one of the pairs of fun shoes I thrifted a while back; brand new, never before worn. LOVE those finds! So, I've been wearing them lots & lots in hopes the leather will stretch around my big toe, so they no longer squish.
They go with everything, which is a rare find. A dark navy colour with pretty inserts of tan & burgundy-brown. T-straps make me swoon. Bonus points for them having the slightest of wedge heel and being made to walk (and skip & even run a little!) in comfort.

b&w polka dots

I get excited when I find a comfortable shoe. A comfortable shoe that's kinda cute is just plain crazy-talk. And I like crazy-talk!
I'll never be the girl in pretty little heels, and that's just fine.
with joy,


Polaroid Moments

These are a few of the polaroids I took during the Cream Puff Party last weekend!
I used my trusty Spectra and a pack of expired film that the lovely Elycia (of ♥Elycia) thoughtfully gave me as a birthday gift earlier this year. I had been saving the film for a special occasion, and that particular afternoon was it! The film worked like a dream - every single shot worked out! So, dear Elycia, thank you so much for that gift - it just kept on giving!
polaroid - the three amigos
Lucky - Astrid - and myself! aka the three amigos aka charlie's angels! ;)
polaroid - tea & cream puffs
polaroid - snuggles
polaroid - roller girl
polaroid - tea service
polaroid - shady lady

I seriously love the above Polaroid I took - it was the last shot in the film. Astrid's sunglasses were just so ... BIG! fabulous! Later, I took a failed Polaroid & attempted to doodle Astrid on it - I woefully forgot to use a Sharpie, so it all smudged - so then I just kinda went crazy. Below is the result of my test. I think I shall continue doodling (uh, with more control!) on ruined Polaroids - it is all kinds of crazy fun!

doodled polaroid

I find I prefer Polaroids over all other form of photography. I love the instant capture of a memory. I love that it's something you can't edit. I don't do anything fancy with my Polaroid photography - I keep it simple. I see a moment and I snap it. No fuss, no muss. I am always thankful to The Impossible Project for making it possible for me to use my Polaroids. I can't imagine ever not doing so!
with joy,


Etsy Eye Candy: the Girls of Irena Sophia

I don't know why I haven't an Irena Sophia print on one (or more) of my walls yet - I adore her aesthetic! The above four pieces are my favourites; I always visit Superhero Girl, Cat Girl, and Girl & White Owl - they speak volumes to me. It always takes me a while before I actually commit to buy art; I think I need to be more spontaneous.

The above Woodland set is so endearing, and at the same time somewhat creepy. I like that about them. I love the fantasy of a girl in fox clothing. There's a story to be told there. That's why I love Irena's work so much - there's stories somewhere in those lines.

Visit Irena's Etsy shop, her blog & tweet with her, too! She even Pins.
There's a high possibility that you are already aware of Irena's art, but if not, I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into her creative world!
with joy,


Sunday Smile: more Happy Days

happy day - instax

A few more peeks at a Friday afternoon full of sweet moments.
Above are a bunch of Astrid's Instax snaps - so much awesome in one pile!
Below are a few of Astrid's delightful little vintage critters. Obviously, I had to take a photo of them - they speak my language (the language of cute)!

happy day - little critters
happy day - Ellie dance
Jen's eldest, Ellie, busted a move in Astrid's room - it was the place to be!
happy day - the Instant wall
Astrid's wall of Instant Photography - I might copycat her & do something similar :)
happy day - Ellie & Max
Ellie and Max the dog enjoying the sunshine.
happy day - sleepy Clare
the end of the day, Jen's youngest Clare-bear cuddling up with Astrid.

Indeed, there were so many smiling moments on that one Friday that it deserves more than one blog post! I will forewarn you that there will be one more post about this happy day - one full of Polaroids!
Hope your weekend is finding you smiling, too.
with joy,


Saturdays are for: Cream Puffs and Colour!

happy day - colourful girls
Jen Astrid Me

Yesterday, I spent a colourful and gastronomically yummy afternoon with a few of my favourite ladies. It was a smorgasborg of eating and giggles!
Eating things like homemade cream puffs by the amazing Michele, our hostess with the mostest!
Not to mention the prettiest shortbread cookies by Astrid; she created pretty patterns in the cookies using doilies! She also made them in the shape of hearts & bunnies. So sweet!
Giggling over silly photoshoots - made even more fun with Polaroids & Instax - and making funny faces.
We celebrated the harbingers of Spring - the sun & rain melting the snow and the popping up of little buds in the ground & on the trees!

happy day - cream puffs
happy day - cream puff
happy day - lunch
happy day - cream puff
happy day - teatime in orange
happy day - mug full of tea

Tea was the drink of the day.
Tea is best when served in pretty cups & mugs.
Tea tastes better with the company of friends.

with Spring-minded joy,


Etsy Eye Candy: Trench Coats from Miso Vintage

Found all these fab trench coats from Miso Vintage on Etsy & thought they were perfect for the spring season. I love a good trench! I'm looking for a short tan one, classic style cotton twill one - much like that fab tan one from Miso! Then I saw the powder blue one and swooned a little. That led me to the winter white one that is so classy! Black is another classic colour for a timeless look.
Bonus? Miso Vintage is having a 30% off moving sale on all regularly priced items!
Use coupon code MOVING30 until March 15th (only 2 more days!). 

I really do need a new trench coat, in particular a tan/camel coloured one ... kinda wish the one above was my size. ;)
with spring-thoughtful joy,


Monday Meow

Today's Monday Meow is brought to you by artistic renderings of kitty breeds! 
Always a sweet sight to behold!
If I could, I would have lots of different kitty breeds.
Right now I have a grey tabby (American shorthair, I suppose?) and a black Manx.
If I came across a Scottish Fold, I wouldn't say no to bringing him home with me!
(those funny little folded ears get to me every time)
I've always had grey tabbies - somehow they find their way to me most of all.
Oh, but my Buttercup Manx is so wonderfully different!

Do you have a favourite type of cat, or is the fact its a cat enough for you? :)
with meowy joy,


Sunday Smile: pre-Spring

It was a Spring-like day today, which meant it was necessary to go out & breathe in the fresh air and frolic! I brought Grace along so she could run wild a little bit, which she thoroughly enjoys. I thoroughly enjoy it, too!
I wore my spring trench coat, an ivory affair, which I accessorized with my favourite scarf. I actually have to wear a scarf with this particular coat because my makeup rubs off on the near-white fabric. I don't even wear that much makeup, but whenever my face touches it, it looks like Tammy Fay Baker attacked the jacket! Which makes for a very good lesson, ladies - don't buy white (or near-white) coats. It's just a mistake, plain and simple.
Wow, that was a huge detour, wasn't it?
Well, it turned out I was way over-dressed anyways, and by the time I got home I was sweating & wondering if I was having a hot flash. Nope, thank goodness, I was just not prepared for the ridiculously awesome weather! No need for a coat, for a scarf, nor for tights! Heck, even my lime green loafers were begging to be taken off!
note: I love my lime green loafers. They are happy-feet-making.
So, after bumping into my lovely neighbour Des (of sofawned.com) & her daughter Gretchen & their cat Kitten plus the neighbourhood kids, I dashed inside and stripped.
Off came the scarf, the jacket, the green shoes and blissfully, the tights. Ahhhh!! MUCH better. I forgot what it was like to have bare-legged and bare-armed weather. It is the most delightful thing!

the neighbourhood kids!
a pre-Spring puppy run
Kitten looking pretty.
trench coat day
green shoes
comfy T-strap sandals

I scored those two pairs of shoes whilst thrifting. I couldn't believe my luck. Both were in never-been-worn condition. Both were worth well over $100 and I got them for about $10. My feet are very very happy!
So, as you can see, there were all kinds of smiling going on today! It's impossible to feel down when the sun is high, the birds are chirping, the puppydog is running, and the neighbours are being neighbourly.
with joy,


Etsy Eye Candy: vintage patterns from the Gallivanting Girls

I was perusing Etsy in the wee hours of the morning, like I do, and came across a bunch of beautiful patterned pieces from Gallivanting Girls. If I had the cash, I probably would buy all of the items you see above!
I really should buy one of those kitty pillows ... I mean, it'd be supporting an Etsian and helping a kitty pillow find a home, right? And the Artist's Chair would give just the right back support whilst I doodle at my table, plus the fabric choice suits my studio perfectly! Then there's the afghan, that deliciously orange and pink blanket! I've been adding little bits of pink to my decor, so how yummy would it be to curl up in that afghan? Let's not even get into how logical it would be to get the geometric-adorned knitting caddy; not that I knit, but I always have things I need to tuck into a caddy of some sort!
We'll see if the above reasoning will last long enough for me to hit 'Add to Cart'.

Thanks for joining me in my Etsy eye-candy treats! I figure it'd be the right thing to do, to share these fab finds with all of you instead of being selfish and keeping them all to myself. ;)
with joy,


TVA Etsy Shop Update!

I thought I'd do a regular posting schedule of updates from my Etsy vintage shop, The Vintage Apartment. I used to do this way back in the beginnings of this blog, but felt like I was using this space for business instead of for sharing little bits of joy/prettiness/sweetness. So, I stopped pimping myself the shop.

Then I realized, hey, my shop is a part of my life and maybe you'd like to see what's going on over there - so here I am again! This time, I'll do a weekly smashup of what new goodies or sales are going on at the shop. 

Here's a few of my favourite new listings (am I allowed to have favourites? heh!):

{Listings: deer : blue skirt : girl : chipmunk : soft skirt : owl}

And since I missed my Monday Meow yesterday, here's Buttercup modeling alongside a fabulous find!
Buttercup & a deer head

There's more new goodies in the shop, too, and even more being added almost daily. I'm wanting to reach 200 listings by the end of the month ... we'll see how far I get! I have an entire storeroom full of vintage that I need to photograph, edit and list. Craziness!

And now for something completely different, to further make up for the missing Monday Meow this week:
{Buttercup animated gif}

with vintage joy,


Sunday Smile: Puppydog Faces

Grace face x1
Grace face x2
Grace face x3

I thought Gracie could use a little extra love on these pages, so today's Smile is brought to you by her face. Ain't it a sweet lil face?
Grace has been stressed since I brought Buttercup home, and I try to give her lots of attention while also acclimatizing Buttercup to his new home. But, Gracie is a one-woman dog and she does not like to share me. She already has sharing issues with my other cat Strongpaw, so imagine how unhappy she was that a new man is in my life ... even if that man is of a four-legged feline sort.

a couple of wieners.

The above shot shows you the look I'm getting a lot these days; that of a sad puppydog face. And I even brought her home a dog buddy, too! Sure, that dog is in the form of a really cool vintage Dachshund salt & pepper shaker, but still ... the thought was there!

with joy,