Sunday Smile: a dog's life

Grace wishing she was taller.
So, today was all about Gracie. And let's be honest, there aren't many days that aren't all about Gracie. She's very adamant that she be the centre of the universe. I tend to agree. She's that cute.

Grace and I took a walk to the East City Bakery to check out their yard/bake sale that is raising funds for the Peterborough Dog Park Association. I'm a big believer in a proper dog park - a place dogs (and their humans!) can run free and socialize. Peterborough doesn't have any such thing, which is quite ridiculous as there are dogs everywhere you look in this town - and no where to go leash-free.
Grace: post-treat lick
stripes & toes
It was a bright and sunny day today, perfect for putting on sandals and take a leisurely walk. Grace thought so too, minus the sandals. There were some deliciously windy moments, where I just wanted to stand in one place and let it swirl all around me. Below is a photo of the wind blowing Grace's ears & my skirt. Fabulous!
windy moment!
I spent all my time with a lovely lady who creates knitting patterns and such. Her table was dedicated to dogs, though, and I really enjoyed chatting with her. I bought Grace one of her sweet neck sweaters (handkerchief thingy) made out of virgin wool. Grace looked pretty snazzy in it! She even modeled along with another pooch whose human got him one, too. Cutes!
All of the photos I took were of Grace. She was entirely too happy, being the One Who Is Looked At. She danced, jumped around on her hind legs, etc etc. Really. She's shameless!
Grace wants a treat!
Grace dancing for a treat!
Grace goes home
Gracie knows the way home, so I often let her off-leash (shh! don't tell anyone!) and tell her to "go home". She leads the way, as jauntily as can be. I think the little scarflet is pretty handsome on her, no?

Oh, and did I mention the bunny? The cute little lop-eared bunny? Well, that was the show-stopper for me. I wanted to hold it sooooo bad, but instead I just petted it through the fence & cooed at it. It seemed to enjoy the company.
bunny face - hello!

how cute is that nose? smooches!
with joy,


Puppy Kitty Love Tote

puppy kitty love tote
puppy kitty love tote

The Puppy Kitty Love tote is my most recent Etsy purchase, and oh boy am I ever so happy with my impulse buy! As soon as I saw this darling tote on Leah Goren's shop, I knew it had to be mine. And mine it is! I already have it stuffed full of things I'm bringing to Paris.
I also bought Leah's darling zine full of spring floral patterns & pretty girls. I'm a sucker for a zine full of art. You'll see the zine cradled in the tote below:

puppy kitty love tote

{pretty zine}

{my kitty Buttercup likes the tote, too!}

Don't you love bringing sweet things into your daily life?
with puppy kitty love joy,


Monday Meow: Olympia

Today's Monday Meow is brought to you by Olympia!
Isn't she divine?
Olympia is a Himalayan/Persian combo kitty who found her way at our local cat rescue organization ARK. If you can believe it, her previous owner wanted her to be put down! So she got snuck out of a kill shelter & brought to ARK for a second chance. It was ridiculously hard to not bring this girl home (just ask Jen, she was all ready to catnap her outta there!).
Olympia is that ugly cute that is hard to resist. Y'know what I mean?
I have a feeling she already found a new home, but if not, head over to ARK and ask about her. Jen and I saw her at our local Pet Value (the one on Chemong Rd).
ARK is located in Lakefield, Ontario. Pet Valu is in Peterborough, Ontario.

Please do not play on cat trees
I set this shot up because ... well, how could I not?

Happy Monday Meow!
with furry joy,
p.s. I got my own Buttercup cat from ARK. They work so hard to help cats in need.


Sunday Smile: Breakast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's - title
Breakfast at Tiffany's - wake up
Breakfast at Tiffany's - Moon River
Breakfast at Tiffany's - toy masks
Breakfast at Tiffany's - kitty mask
Breakfast at Tiffany's - wet Cat
Breakfast at Tiffany's - The End

These are all shots I took in the movie theatre earlier today. My friend Karen and I were happily ensconced in the world of Breakfast at Tiffany's, big screen style! There is nothing like seeing a movie as it is intended - up there larger than life. I took quick shots of a few of my favourite scenes, because I'm that much of a geek.
I wish more classics were shown on the big screen. In fact, I wish there was a theatre dedicated to just old movies! I'd be going to the talkies all the time, if that were the case!
*yup, I said 'talkies'.
It was the most perfect way to spend an afternoon. The only thing that would've made it even better was if I snuck in some champagne!
with Audrey joy,
p.s. does anyone else get all choked up everytime you see Cat being left in the rain?
p.p.s. I need to read the book someday.


What I'm Reading

read - Just Being Audrey
read - Uppercase 13
read - The French Cat
read - Little Black Book of Paris

Just Being Audrey by Margaret Cardillo & Julia Denos
Uppercase Magazine #13
The French Cat by Rachael Hale
Little Black Book of Paris, 2012 Edition

I bought a few books recently, all very indulgent, and am so very happy with each and every one of them! The Little Black Book of Paris ended up being a smart buy, as I leave for Paris in less than 2 weeks! eep! It breaks down each Arrondissements in sections, with lots of info on what to see/do in each. Mostly, though, I just want to know how to pronounce Arrondissements! I butcher the French language, I'm afraid. I hope the Parisians will forgive me my lack of pretty words.

The French Cat was a must-have. As soon as I saw the cover Pinned on Pinterest, I swooned and knew it had to be mine. Then I read this post on designsponge about the author & both The French Cat and The French Dog, I ordered it clickity-click right away! It is the most glorious photo book I own, interspersed with anecdotes and quotes. It is a must for any cat lover, but specifically one who loves to travel within photographs.

I have wanted a copy of Just Being Audrey since I saw it in my goddaughter Astrid's hands. It is such a delightfully illustrated children's book of Audrey's life - it's short and it's sweet. I only wish there was a depiction of Audrey and her deer, because how sweet would that have been? This book will delight any fan of Audrey, child or grown up alike!

Uppercase 13 + buttercup caren!

As for Uppercase Magazine, I have been a subscriber for a couple of years now and have had the joy of seeing myself in the pages in issue #11. Then, quite by surprise, I found myself in issue #13! I glanced at page 8 (the Letters page) and saw a familiar photograph. I took a closer look and yup, it was a photo I took of Uppercase #10 - they did a wee bit on Polaroids so I took a shot of it with my own SX70. Lo and behold, that image was printed in issue #13 along with my Flickr name "buttercup caren". Colour me blushed!

I also just finished reading a book by Gail Carriger entitled Soulless; the first in a series about a parasol wielding woman named Alexia who lives in a steampunked London and finds love in the form of a Scottish werewolf. It is seriously silly, and not your typical vampire/werewolf fantasy genre. No magic, more science and mystery but with wonderfully wacky characters and lots and lots of tea. Suffice it to say, I am hooked and will be continuing in this 5-book series to see what other shenanigans Alexia will get into.
Oh, and I also follow Gail on Twitter because she is witty and fashionable.

I have far too many books on me To Read shelf, but am dedicated to finally getting through them all! I even joined GoodReads so I could keep track of my books and find other like-minded readers. I need to update my profile there, but you'll find a small smattering of things I like to read.
with joy,


music : Laura Marling

New Romantic {captured me instantly}

I only just learned of this soulful/folk singer, and had to share quick like a bunny, with all of you. I'm sure some of you already know of her - and I have to ask myself, where have I been?
Her name is Laura Marling. I don't know much about her, but it seems there's only 3 albums from her thus far - the most recent being A Creature I Don't Know.

A Creature I Don't Know

I have only listened to a few of her songs, but each one of them are haunting and slightly sad and oh so very sinkable (as in, sink into the words).

Thank you, The Wandering Balloon for your Music Monday post featuring Laura.

All My Rage is Gone {creepy little animated toys alert!}

Hope you enjoyed this little musical interlude!
with joy,


Sunday Smile: Cats & Dog

{cat = next door neighbour's cat : dog = Gracie}

A cat VS dog fight occurred directly following the above sequence of photos. I was too busy freaking out to take any cool photos of said fight. Directly following that fight, another one broke out between Grace and Buttercup. There were no clear winners of these fights, but the hissing, fangs & claws of the cats were a tad scarier than Grace's snarling & snapping.

sunny Grace
{hello Sunshine!}
Feather in mid-yawn
{look at those teeth! I love a yawning kitty!}
sunny me
{hello! do you see Gracie's little bum in the background? ha!}
Buttercup ventures outside
{here's Mr Buttercup, shyly attempting the outdoors}

Buttercup wants to go outside, but when he is, he is so very unsure of it all. Especially when Gracie chases him back inside. I prefer indoor cats, but just like I can't stand being cooped up inside all of the time, I like to let my kitties outside now & then. I'm hoping Buttercup will be too scared to leave the backyard ... I like a backyard kitty. It's safe there. So, when I'm out the back, I let Buttercup sniff the fresh air with me. It makes me smile to see him taste the air.

Sunny days were made for sitting on the deck and watching the kids play ... even if said kids are furry.
with joy,


the one with Krysten Ritter

This is dedicated to the awesomeness that is Krysten Ritter.
I've been a sorta fan of hers since I saw her on Gilmore Girls - she had a wee part (Lucy) as a friend of Rory Gilmore in university. I followed Krysten's career and enjoyed her quirky ways. I always hoped she would find some measure of stardom 'cause the world needs some cute quirky girls. Don't you think?
So, colour me happy when I saw she had her very own series entitled 'Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23'. The fact she got to dress in cute clothes & be a devious bitch made it that much better! Bonus points for James Van Der Beek (yup, Dawson!) playing himself (but not really, cause in real life he's married and hopefully not so shallow). I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode, and hope it breaks the world open for the talented Miss Ritter.

The fact that the photos above show her playing with a Polaroid made me squee. Really!
As did finding out she has a beloved dog named Mikey, who she rescued. You'll see Mikey in a lot of the photos I compiled here.

Krysten & Mikey. Krysten and, I believe, a Diana camera!

from 2007 : sweet photo

how dreamy are these photos? and with her sweet little Mikey!

above two photos are from Me in My Place

I don't often do posts like this, but Krysten Ritter is my newest girl crush so had to share the plethora of pretty photos I found of her. I've done likewise with Drew Barrymore, and of course Audrey Hepburn. A good girl crush is a healthy thing.
Feel free to stalk her on twitter - she's got an honest to goodness real account.

Krysten, btw, was the best part of Confessions of a Shopaholic. Just sayin'.
with girly joy,


Monday Meow : Audrey Hepburn

I scoured the web for photos of Audrey with cats.
It's what I do.
Today's Monday Meow brings you a few of my favourites.
Mostly from Breakfast at Tiffany's (hello Cat!), but a couple from other sources as well.
I even came across quite a few Audrey as Catwoman artistic renderings - you'll note I am not sharing those here with you... you're welcome. ;)

hello, Cat!

from Sabrina

The photo (above) of Audrey behind a rainy window is by Richard Avedon (from Harper's Bazaar). I don't know if that photo is from a film she was making at the time, or simply an artistic photoshoot. Either way, it is quite an emotional trigger-shot, don't you think? She emits such a resigned sadness, and the way she hold the cat tightly to her - it's very impactful.

And then I had some fun with Audrey from Breakfast at Tiffany's! I love the scenes in the movie where Holly & Paul don the dog & cat masks. sigh.

ah, Audrey. You will never go out of style.
Neither will cats.
with cat mask joy,


Sunday Smile: sunshine and smiles

Grace and I spent time in the backyard today, basking in the sunshine. Such a beautiful Easter Sunday!
I celebrated Easter yesterday with my mom, my cousin, and my brother's family. It was full of food and laughter. I couldn't imagine a better way to spend a holiday weekend! Except maybe the addition of cupcakes ... 

Anyways, back to today's Sunday Smile - here you are, it's brought to you by me and Grace (er, Grace and I):

Grace sunbathing
hello Grace!
me & Grace - smiles
messy hair
my messy bun - I can't believe I have hair long enough to do a messy bun with. :)

Anyone else giggled at the faces Grace made in the above photos? Sigh. I love that face. It never fails to make me smile.