Sunday Smile: shake it like a Polaroid

shake it... like a Polaroid

I spent the day with a few of my favourite peeps yesterday - Jen (aka Lucky Jackson), her daughter Claire (aka Clairebear) and their cat Mr Giggles. My pup Gracie came along for the playdate, and after some arched backs & very puffed out tails, Mr Gigs and Grace got along surprisingly well! Jen and I are hoping Gigs and Grace will become the best of friends. :)
Claire loves it when I take Polaroids - I have a feeling she herself will become an analog girl one day! She shook the Polaroids I took of Giggles & blew on them, hoping they'd develop faster. So cute!
polaroid - Mr Giggles
polaroid - Claire + Hula Hoop
polaroid - Claire + chalk = heart

{me, Lucky, Claire and Gracie}

Here we are, the necessary slightly awkward timer shot! I specially love how Grace got her little wagging butt in there! I have an awkward hand-n-the-hip pose. Classic! Mr Giggles watched us from the window, wishing he could get into the photo!

cat in the clouds
{above: Mr Giggles with his head in the clouds}

Such a smile-filled day we had yesterday!
If you follow Jen's art blog, 365 Lucky Days, then you know she suffered a very nasty whiplash after going for a "friendly" roller derby skate (i.e. was supposed to be just skating, no hitting). Well, Jen was the unlucky recipient of an over-zealous derby girl who thought it was a good idea to take Jen down.  Of course, one can't help but think of Drew Barrymore's movie Whiplash! Right? If you haven't seen it, do so! Great little flick about finding yourself through your passion, all the while rockin' the roller derby life.
It was good to spend time with Jen and help make her smile whilst in so much pain. Mind you, laughter caused her neck to hurt so we had to dial it down sometimes. ha! :)

{above: Lucky Jackson's Blondie which Claire coloured & pasted; a gift to me!}

with joy,


Creativity found in Nature

creativity found in nature

I was gardening earlier today, trying to get rid of some noxious weeds, when I noticed purple streaks on my forearms. The streaks looked like watercolor paint, in fact. I was intrigued - who was painting me? A fairy living in my garden? What? It could happen... 
Well, okay, so it wasn't a fairy. It was the plant I was rescuing from the evil dreaded weed! It must have wanted to thank me in some way, so thought I'd appreciate turning a lovely shade of purple. I was immediately inspired to do something with this particular flower's power, so took a fallen bunch of the plant's buds inside to test things out.
My random markings with the buds that still had some "ink" in them turned into what you see above. I just used the buds themselves to make different marks on the page and they turned into a floral-like depiction. I was smitten with the powers of these little purple buds!

purple fingerprint
{above: the dye from the flower on my fingertip}
paint by flowers
{above: 3 of the buds I used to paint with}
flower power painting
{above: close-up of the ink blots}

I felt like I was 5 years old again; looking at the world through new eyes. One really does only have to step outside to find something to be inspired by.
I haven't felt that creative in quite a while. I want to find out what else in my garden makes such a great pigmented dye to paint with!
I was tempted to dye my hair with this stuff ... I might still try. Hey, can't get much more natural than using a flower, right?!
with creative joy,
p.s. I think the flower is a type of Speedwell, but not entirely sure which type. It's very unique, as it doesn't bloom in the heat of the sun, but when it does, it's a startling display of vibrant purples! I have two varieties - one that has dark green foliage, the other lime green.
{lime green leaf variety, which I used to paint with}


Rainy Day Latte

So, I get kinda happy when it rains.
I throw open the windows to listen to the downpour.
I run outside and let myself get a little drenched.
I sit outside on the front porch and soak it all in.
This just happened: 
I made myself a delicious latte in my favourite mug
and did the front porch thing in a state of complete harmony.
I even made silly faces for the camera while I was at it.
I wore my I Heart Paris tee.
The photo above is a happy accident;
the lens of my camera got fogged up due to the rain.
I like happy accidents.
I like the rain.
I like Paris, too.

Even though I haven't slept in over two days (hello insomnia!), I got energized as soon as it started storming. That's the way with me. The sun is alright and all, but stormy weather will always be my energy-giver & happy-maker. Does that make me weird? Well, weird is the new cool, right?
with rainy day joy,
p.s. anyone else have Garbage's lyrics going through their head right now? "I'm only happy when it rains..." ha!

the vintage dress & an elopement party

How's that for a title?!
And it really does sum up the post quite perfectly.
I wore my favourite vintage dress - a dress I've never had the opportunity to wear out before because I never do things that require dressing in a dressy dress. This is the dress I brought with me to Paris, which I had deemed my "Paris Dress" but which I never actually wore in Paris. sigh.
So, colour me happy when my dear friend Leigh hosted her elopement party on Saturday! I finally got to wear my Paris Dress out! (and celebrate Leigh & Shawn's elopement ... let's not forget that, it's more important than my dress ;)


Fascinators or hats were mandatory to the party, which was no problem!
I went out to the dollar store, bought some stuff, got out my glue gun and made two fascinators - one for my mom & one for myself to wear to the Cake & Champagne party. :)
*note: fascinator-making was fun for a while, but then I got snarly with the glue gun & the feathers ... I am not a happy-crafter, I'm a swearing-crafter.  

the vintage dress

the Dress! 1950s wiggle dress in black eyelet. my dream dress.
worn with a Gentle Fawn belt that I got at my friend's store, Tango
to finish it off, I wore my Clark's wedge sandals.
unseen: a pretty anklet! :)

the bride & I
{above: me and the very very happy bride, Leigh! Isn't she stunning?!}
the happy couple
{above: the happy couple themselves, Leigh and Shawn, who eloped in March}
{above: *clink*! celebrating with bubbly!}
tiers of meringues
{above: Leigh made these meringues - yellow, blue & orange - to go with the decor!}
strawberry punch
{above: the Strawberry punch - it was as good as it looked!}
the bride, me & my mom
{above: my mom, myself and the bride - we were so honoured to be there!}
dressing up a throw-away camera
{above: Smile! the bride also created these snappy covers for the throw-away cameras! crafty!}
the bride & the cake
{above: the bride cutting the cake; in a darling apron she designed!}

I was so happy to spend the afternoon with Leigh and Shawn and their family & friends; to help celebrate their elopement & their bright futures! Leigh did a stunning job decorating her home for the gathering - she did everything; the baking, the decorations, the crafty cameras, the DIY guest book (glue stick, paper flowers, glitter pens & paper!}, etc. The wedding cake itself was baked special by Black Honey; a layer of lemon chiffon & a layer of carrot cake. Goodness!

I hope you enjoyed this little travel down Cake & Champagne memory lane with me!
and congratulations to my friends!
with joy,


Sunday Smile: Kathie Winkle and friends

To clarify, Kathie Winkle is a designer of extremely awesome dinnerware from the mid century. See those pretty patterns in the collage above? That's Kathie Winkle. There is a cabinet filled to the brim of Kathie's cups, plates, bowls & platters at the Ackerman's house - which is where I spent the afternoon the other day. A delightful time filled with homemade pizza, desserts from the bakery, and good friends who are family. Oh, and dogs! Lots of cute dogs :)

Astrid & I - dresses & toes
pile on the homemade pizza!
cream puff pastry goodness
butter tarts
Max and Grace run!
Max watching the world go by.
Grace + Astrid snuggles
Astrid playing the guitar.
Grace + the deer in the laptop

I know it's a lot of photos and not many words, but can you blame me? Just look at the food, the dogs, and a girl playing the guitar! It sums up the awesomeness of the day :)
Plus, that last photo? It kills me! That's Gracie using Astrid's laptop to eyeball a young deer. Said young deer were scampering just a few feet from where I took these photos - sadly, not on the day I was there, so Astrid was showing me the photos she took of them. To live somewhere that gives you scenes of fawns nibbling in your yard makes me yearn to live in that somewhere!
Thank you Michele, Martin and Astrid (and Grace, Max & Nikki dogs) for hosting a lovely day full of smiles!
with deerful joy,



It's no secret that I have a thing for FAB trays. It's the prettiest addiction collection I have, equal to my Vera Neumann scarves! Well, colour me fabulous when a complete stranger emailed me a little while ago to let me know about her two FAB trays that were destined to be *gasp!* tossed out. This lovely stranger, Bonnie is her name, decided to search online for FAB enthusiasts and there I popped up! She contacted me asking if I'd like her beloved trays, and I didn't hesitate with a big giant yes!
And wouldn't you know, in the mail today a big package arrived with my name on it.
I gleefully opened it up and shook out two beautifully colourful trays - I giggled, I flitted, I pounced on my bed & knew they were destined to hang in my bedroom! The colours match the random greens, yellows, oranges, & pinks found 'round my room! FABulous!

{above: thrifted outdoor cart repurposed into a FAB cart!}
*note: not all my FAB trays are here; there are at least 6 others elsewhere in my apartment.

Thank you Bonnie, for gifting me with your precious FAB trays! You picked the right home to donate them to; they will be cherished and displayed as they were intended - and used! Yes, I actually do bring out one to tote around drinks or cupcakes or the like. :)
*note: um, how awesome would it be to have a party with cupcakes adorning all these FAB trays? must get on that!

with FABulous joy!


Yard Sale at my place!

Astrid + staple gun = kick ass!
{Astrid knows how to handle a staple gun!}

I meant to do this post a few days ago, but I happen to be a procrastinator so here I am at the last hour pimping out a Yard Sale I'm doing tomorrow!

This is the biggest yard sale I've done ... maybe. I seem to block out memories of the past sales 'cause they do tend to be kinda stressful/exhausting. However, I've decided to sell the majority of my vintage stock. Crazy, right? Not everything, mind you, but probably about 1/3-1/2 of it.
Plus a lot of other miscellany like comic books, a lot of my clothes, bits of decor and such.

Oh, and all of my vintage clothing stock is being sold. Like, everything! Jackets, dresses, skirts, tops, you name it.

So, from 8am til noon on Saturday June 9th (tomorrow!!) I will host a happy little gathering at my home.
Here's the Kijiji ad I did with more details.

Did I mentioned I baked my ass off today to sell yummy cookies at the sale? Check 'em out:

double chocolate chip fudge cookies
{Whoopie Cookies aka double chocolate fudge cookies!}
Peanut Butter Cookies
{Peanut Butter cookies - flourless & oh so yummy!}

Hope to see lots of familiar faces tomorrow! I know rain is in the forecast, but I'm ignoring it. I'll use umbrellas & my front porch to protect goods. Just bring your umbrellas! :)
My goddaughter Astrid and I will be here to greet you, as will my pup Gracie.
with joy,


hello June! you'll find me in the garden...

Grace & the new garden feature

I've been in my gardens more than anywhere else this spring; adding new bits to the already growing greenery. This year I wanted to add a water feature of some sort. My big dream would be a little pond with a waterfall, but my backyard isn't that big so instead I bought a gorgeous cobalt blue handmade water fountain - just plug in and go! Then I decided to add some potted annuals to give the water fountain some extra oomph. Throw in a couple of turtles, a happy buddha owl & a cute dog, and voila! Instant garden feature!

the new water feature garden pots
pink pussytoes
{pink pussytoes! one of my favourite rock garden plants}
garden owl
buttercup & butterfly in her hair
{I donned a butterfly barrette & a buttercup in my hair}
Grace drinking from the water garden

As you can see from above, Gracie has already found a use for the new water fountain - it's her new outdoor doggy water bowl! I'm hoping the local birds will find it interesting enough to visit, too. I chose the 'Fuschia' annual plants for my pots to attract the hummingbirds I see around - so far, though, only big fat bumblebees have been visiting them!

Hope you enjoyed this visit to my gardens! Feel free to pop by & hang out with me in my backyard any old time - it loves visitors! :)
with green-filled joy,