the Cat Teepee!

The lovely folks at Boutique Cascade just gave my followers a 15% rebate on their orders from now until September 14th 2012!
Rebate Code is TC15AE
In order to use the code, just create an account with Boutique Cascade when you make your order. yay!

Ladies and gents, this is one of the best purchases I've ever made!

I ordered these from Cascades Boutique (a Canadian company dedicated to eco-friendly materials). The reason I ordered them is obvious: they're teepees for cats. And on sale for only $10!
So I quickly ordered them - they have a free shipping deal, too, so colour me kitty happy!
This kind of thing never happens for a Canadian shopper. I know they were selling these cardboard cat teepees (and their cabins, too) on Fab or something similar for a lot more than $10. And shipping to Canada from those websites are hideous, so I did a little dance when I found these offered at a Canadian site.
Bonus points for them being eco-friendly, too.
As you can see from above, Henry immediately was intrigued even before I took them out of the box!
Then Strongpaw had to investigate, which was a worry because SP turns quite violent towards Henry. BUT, the smell/sound/feel of the cardboard enraptured SP and she left Henry pretty much alone.
Ah, cardboard, you appease even the most Evil of all cats. ;)

above: Henry is actually IN the teepee whilst Strongpaw investigates! Hissing came from within.

above: had to use the flash in order to show Henry inside the teepee.

above: then it was Strongpaw's turn to be inside the teepee! See Henry chagrined up on the stool?

above: which is why I bought TWO teepees! Each kitty has his/her own hideaway :)

So, if you are a cat crazy girl (or boy) like me, head on over to Cascade Boutique while they still have these in stock (not sure how much longer they'll be so).
I should've gotten the cabin, too. Well, maybe I will! One can never have too many cat houses, right? Or perhaps I'll get it for my Gracie pup!
with kitty joy,

the invisible bicycle helmet

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet | Fredrik Gertten from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

I just watched this and was blown away. These Swedish design students - Anna and Terese - are brilliant.
Watch the entire video; it's all revealed at the very end. Then re-watch the video and be amazed.
I love how ideas are born. Realized. Adapted. How "impossible" becomes possible.
This is one of those moments.

I even found the website that is selling them. At this point, they're a whopping $450USD (or more).
Here's a few photos I found floating around the interwebs:

gotta love the high fashion thing going on here, huh? so very sci-fi looking!

with joy,


Sunday Smile: Cat

a cat blanket

Last Saturday I went to our local farmer's market. I saw the above giant pink blanket with a giant kitten face on it & I swear, I squealed. I took a quick snap of it, turned around and saw these kitten faces (I think it's a rug, but can't imagine anyone actually stepping on the kitty faces!). It was all just too much. When I looked around me, there were tons of dogs with their humans. I admit, for a moment, I wished they were all kitties.
(don't tell Gracie pup I thought that, though, she'd be devastated!)

kittens rug
Henry & the lampshade

Above is a shot I too of my Henry cat the other night. This is what he does every night. He bunts/rubs/taps the lampshade on my bedside sconce. I've no idea why he must do this, but it is both adorable & frustrating. The sconce usually loses the Cat vs Lampshade showdown.
It's a mystery of catness; but life's better when there's mystery. :)
with joy,


Mmm ... frothy coffee goodness

smooth Chemex pour
mmm foamy latte goodness
add some honey

And that's how make a yummy "poor man's latte" (i.e. latte without a fancy espresso maker!). It all starts with my beautiful Chemex coffee maker (she's a beaut!).
Then it's all about rich robust coffee (I use Sweet Espresso by Ethical Bean) made from freshly ground beans, heating up milk (almond, regular, soy, etc) on the stovetop (I don't own a microwave) & frothing it up with what I refer to as a "whirerer thingamajig". I do this a few times a week; my little happy morning ritual. There's something about hands-on old-fashioned low-tech making of things ... it's more rewarding somehow, more zen. Also, very yum!
The honey on top is what makes it extra-special!

If I had a big kitchen, I'd have a whole host of low-tech coffee devices. It would look like a laboratory & I could have differently made coffee every day of the week.
I realize this makes me sound quite coffee crazy. Which is funny because I only started drinking coffee when I was in my mid-30s. I don't drink a lot of it, either - it's my special-time drink. 
I tend to be more of a tea drinker ... hence the "Tea" in the name of this blog! :)

What's your favourite way to make coffee, and brand of coffee? I'd love to know!
with joy,


Marilyn, by Eve Arnold

I found myself wandering the 'net looking for Marilyn.
A softer-smiling-reflective Marilyn.
I found that one particular photographer did an amazing job of capturing that Marilyn - Eve Arnold.
A lot of these were taking during the filming of The Misfits.
My favourite is the one of Marilyn in a cozy sweater and blanket on the beach.
But how could I deny the awesomeness that is the photo of her happily cuddling a Dachshund pup?
I somewhat edited a couple of these photos; the ones that were not so great digital copies. I purposely did the one of her in that black gown with a pale pink glow - it softened it just right. I also brightened & softened the one of Marilyn in that gorgeous cherry-print dress (still from The Misfits).
Marilyn makes me want to take my pencils & sketch pad out and draw.
She'll forever be inspiring, don't you think?

Eve Arnold died early this year at the age of 99. I came across this interview with her (interviews, actually) and Marliyn was mentioned, but her work was far beyond that of photographing a sad blond bombshell - she deemed herself a journalist, which she was. Very intelligent, very strong-willed, and very shoot-from-the-hip. I love that she didn't use a lot of extra equipment; that she relied on her well-trained eye. I also love that she never used a digital camera (although she stopped photographing around the same time the digital age came about).
with joy,


Diana Mini firsts - part two!

Here's a few more shots from my Diana Mini - I remembered to test out double exposures, finally, near the end of the roll. Somehow I always forget that these little lomography toy cameras have that ability! I was walking along the water and saw these vibrant yellow flowers, snapped a shot, then took a photo of the bright blue cloudy sky to overlap. I love how it turned out. 
I did a similar double exposure with a far-away shot of an osprey nest and the bright cloudy sky - I like how it turned out kind of spooky.
My next roll, I will remember to play more with double exposure and using the flash, etc.

flowers & clouds - double expsosure
clouds & osprey - double exposure
a Taste of France in Lakefield
hello dude in a dog suit!
dude in a dog suit
Pastry Peddler
1 + 2. double exposures 3. French restaurant goodness 4 + 5. dude in a fireman dog suit 6. sweet bakery

I was lucky enough to have lots of sun when I took my Diana Mini out for a stroll. It handled itself wonderfully in overcast weather, too. I'll be using better quality film next time I take her out, so am hoping for better colour saturation. :)
with joy,


Diana Mini firsts: part one

These are a few snaps I took using my Diana Mini.
I finally took my pretty coral Mini out of its box & popped a roll of film in it.
I was instantly hooked. It took a span of a week to finish the roll of 36.
What an adorable little camera, with so many possibilities!

handsome Henry
Astrid by Diana Mini
hello cows!
happy Grace
hello ducks!
bicycle & ducks
1. sunny Henry 2. Astrid 3. hello cows! 4. happy Grace 5. hello ducks! 6. my bike + ducks

When I was in Paris back in May, I knew I wanted to go to their Lomography shop to buy a camera. When my eyes fell upon the coral Diana Mini, I fell in love. I bought it & safely brought her home. I kept her in her box for over two months (!!) before finally taking her out for a spin. What a delightful little camera! I was afraid it would be too small for me - like a giant using a regular sized spoon to eat his soup with - but somehow this miniature lomography camera fits just perfectly.

The only issue is that I no longer have a viable film developer in town - when I say viable, I mean a place that knows what I mean when I say things like "Diana" "Holga" "lomography" and anything else non-digital-related. So, my dear Diana Mini was brought to a standard developing spot and of course, they had no idea what to do with square format photos. They don't have a cutter for that sort of odd thing I guess, so I had to crop each one after I scanned them. Sigh. It's so weird to see square photos printed on 4x6 paper.

*Part Two!
with joy,


Sunday Smile: yawn

Yup, that is one cute little hedgehog yawning! I saw this over on a new-to-me blog Brighter Sides (such a cute blog!) and had to hunt down its source. Of course, it's already viral, so chances are you've seen it - but is once or twice even enough? I thought not. Enjoy the utter adorableness!
*I did a couple of yawny screen caps for your further enjoyment
with joy,
p.s. you'll notice (hopefully?) that I made some changes 'round these parts; did a little redecorating/cleaning! more to come - trying to re-inspire myself :)


recent Pins: the geometric owl

I'm a pretty avid Pinner over at Pinterest - in fact, I have come to realize it's made me a bit of a lazy blogger. I Pin instead of blogging about nifty things I've found on the net. So, I thought I'd start doing a regular 'recent Pins' series over here at Tea & Chickadees - for two reasons: 1. to share some cool finds, and 2. to keep my blog fresh.

To start off this new ongoing series, I thought I'd share some of the newest things I've Pinned (and love) - it's all about owls, geometrics and even a little bit of peachy-goodness. :)

I want everything you see here! I only with that cute little Mod Cloth dress came in bigger sizes. It's so cute! I might have to cave and buy the triangle owl blouse - it'd be awesome in the fall paired with skinny jeans.
sigh. Why do I have to pine over so many things?!
Well, that's why I love Pinterest - because I can simply Pin 'em and go back to them any time to ogle. It's like window shopping!
with joy,


fun at the Antique and Flower Show!

Cat face

I spent the afternoon today browsing lots of vintage and antique things at the Annual Antique and Flower Show in Lakefield, Ontario. It's a fundraiser for the Lakefield Horticultural Society, and I was pretty stoked about attending - it's my first time attending.
I had tons of fun nosing around, as you can see from above (cat face!) and below (feather head!). Everything was a bit pricey, but I did come away with three darling little things - a glass owl, deer art and a darling sweater clip.

feathered hat
the dummy gave me the creeps; the stall's owner had him make eyes & laugh at me. creeeeeepy!
long dog shakers
I wanted to bring these doxie shakers home with me, but not for $50!
vintage kitties & a doxie
tickle my tummy! such a cute cat - I'm sure I should've brought her home with me, as with the doxie in behind!
vintage kitty brooch
I was *this* close to bringing this cat pin home with me ... might go back and get it!
Hudson's Bay blankets
tons of Hudson's Bay blankets! All around $100, which isn't unreasonable, but definitely too much for me.

vintage glass owl votive
my amber glass votive owl! Not sure if its meant as a juice glass, but i think it's for a candle. So cute!
oval deer art
sweet forest friends scene, hand-painted on a ceramic oval - perfect for my wall of nature!
post-antiquing pose
me, post-Antiquing & wearing my new golden leaf sweater clip! also, that's my new-to-me camera bag.
I love it so much! Currently, there is a Polaroid, Diana Mini, and my new-to-me Canon S95 inside. :)

What a fabulous way to spend an afternoon - strolling through antiquities and chatting with strangers. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and will make sure I go again next year! Heck, I'll probably go back tonight and possibly tomorrow.
For my local peeps, this event is today and tomorrow (Aug 8 and 9) from 10am til 8pm. $5 admittance.
with joy,



henry, the owl & the turtle

This is a Henry post - all Henry, all the time.
All photos taken of Handsome Henry on his favourite window sill.
The photo above shows Henry sniffing Buttercup* the turtle (stained glass art by my goddaughter Astrid!) and my button-holding owl is nearby.
*Buttercup was the name given to a turtle I rescued a while ago, as well as the shop I used to own, and Henry's original name when I adopted him.
Below, Henry shows his panache for making any spot comfortable. interesting headrest, no?

henry's favourite window

henry eye

Henry had lovely amber-tinged pale green eyes.

henry stretch
Henry looks ever so handsome when he stretches, even when he sticks his tongue out doing so. I love his little stub of a Manx tail.

And there you have it. A post dedicated entirely to Henry.
He deserves it.
with catirific joy,