Sunday Smile: staying in

today is for big mugs full of perfectly foamy cappuccinos and happy puppies;
a puppy who would prefer to lounge around in front of the (faux) fireplace instead of going outside.
Grace is now under a blanket, huddled up next to me on the couch.
I will be wearing my pink polka dot pajamas for the unforeseeable future,
probably in the same spot I am in right now.
that is what Sundays are for.
I do feel bad that I didn't bring Gracie to the Blessing of the Animals service this morning, though.
she could use some extra blessings ... couldn't we all?

Henry the cat is now in the spot above.
My animals have a hard life, eh?

I hope you find snuggles and great excuses to stay in your PJs all day!
with joy,


Cats & Girls by Tati Ferrigno

Brazlian illustrator Tati Ferrigno: WebsiteTwitter | Society6

I saw the first image - Cats just want to have fun - on Tumblr, but with no link back to its source so did a little research to find out more about Tati Ferrigno. Pretty sweet illustrations!
Also, I actually started my own Tumblr which is pretty hilarious because I've never been much of a fan. Then I realized how much fun it is - much like Pinterest - and I kind of got hooked. It's become my internet happy place, where I post images of fuzzy kitties, bouncing bunnies, pretty pictures and so on.
Like I needed another internet image-sharing interface (ha!)...
with joy,


Autumn Equinox: blue skies & denim

denim + toes
blue sky

About a week ago, I took Grace on a long hike, on a perfectly crisp pre-Autumn day. It was the perfect blend of sunshine and grey. I doubled up on denim and wore my lace up Dutch shoes, excited to explore without getting overheated + sweaty (sorry, summer days, you are not my friend). Autumn is the happiest of all seasons in my world. If I could hit pause on that day and have every day that mix of warmth and cool, I would!
(I also had a pedicure and got my toes painted the cheeriest of pinks - makes for a happy end of summer!)

Now the days are so much more Autumny, with the chill bringing out sweaters and extra blankets. Today is the first day of Fall. Autumn Equinox. Kinda makes me want to don a woolen capelet, a knitted dress & tights, a jaunty cap & a pair of leather boots... yup, that's totally what I just envisioned myself wearing. It's that kind of day.

I hope you get to go out and enjoy the day, wherever you may be in the world!
with joy,


My Home: la toilette*

I recently finished doing over my bathroom; a fresh lick of warm white on the walls made all the difference! As did downsizing my toilet and sink - I have a very tiny bathroom. All of this happened after my bathtub & toilet had a very unsightly (and stinky) sewage backup late last year. It has taken almost a year to get my apartment back to order, and it still has some work. I sometimes get quite stressed out about how long its taking to make my home a home, but seeing my little bathroom all shiny and clean gives me hope!
I had fun doing some finishing touches - hanging my Antique Show find (the small ceramic oval deer art below), adding a grouping of glass owls, buying a nice white storage tower & a cushy bath mat (which my cat Henry instantly took to)...

I didn't want to add too much to the walls of this small space, so I bought a towel rack that fits over the back of a door - keeps the space so much less crowded! I've had the antiqued off-white wire 3-tier basket wall rack for years, and it's always been such a wonderful space-saver & stuff-keeper!
I painted the windowsill a bright turquoise years ago, and it remains a lovely burst of colour in the space - more now that I've made it a primarily white space. A plain pine shelf is perfect for stashing little things, like nail polish and tea lights. I have a built in cabinet - not pictured - that I use to store unsightly things like medicines, extra soap & shampoo, and a miscellany of make-up related things that I don't really use often but feel the necessity to keep on hand just-in-case. Outside of my bathroom I have another built-in cabinet that stores all my towels. I love built-ins! They are the best way to keep things tucked away.
The last thing I did was frame and hang 3 Degas postcards I brought back with me from Paris - I knew they would be perfect in my bathroom, and they are. I was lucky enough to see the Degas and the Nudes exhibit at the Musée d'Orsay back in May of this year. It was a stunning exhibit, and now I can remember those moments everytime I enter my bathroom.
So, this little room of mine is a happy space. It may be tiny, but it's bright and there is no wasted space. I like it like that.

*in the post's title I said "la toilette" which is actually not the correct term for bathroom in French (it's more like a dressing room), but it sounds oh la la prettier than bathroom don't you think?
with joy,


happiness is... Cat and Dolphins playing

Someone just tweeted a link to this impossibly awesome scene... a cat interacting/playing with dolphins.
It's the stuff of dreams! happy happy dreams!

I couldn't get any good screen caps, but the one above shows how the kitty would rub his head against the dolphin's nose. I practically squealed with joy seeing the cat do this over and over again! Then bring out his paw to tap the dolphin's nose so it would come back for more nuzzles.
So much sweetness!
with joy,


Sunday Smile: Grace face

this one's dedicated to my girl Gracie.
well, mostly to her sweet face.
I found her on the sofa, curled up in the blanket.
could she be any cuter?

look at how tiny she is! my hand looks like it belongs to a giant!

Henry disturbed her nap; Grace started to growl + Henry licked his chops. ha!

okay, so perhaps this post is a little gratuitous in the Gracie department... but sometimes I just can't get over how adorable she is. Even though she keeps growling at poor Henry.
with joy,


Dachshund vs Ghost Crab

supposedly this video went viral on the interwebs a few months ago - I am always late in seeing things that gain popularity in the youtube world, and I figure I can't be the only one. So, for your viewing pleasure I present to you a very comical + cute Dachshund vs Ghost Crab video!

I took a few captures of the video so you can check out just how cute these two are together. Of course, the ghost crab isn't having quite as much fun as the doxie... but it does make for an entertaining dance to watch!

I adore that last capture from the video, where she longingly looks out towards the water, wondering where her new playmate went.
Somehow I don't think Gracie would've been quite so into the crab-as-a-playmate thing. Her loss, though!
with joy,


good morning Monday

morning cappuccino
morning egg dipping

I took my time this morning to make a most scrumptious cappuccino (using my recently thrifted frothing device), drizzling honey in a dreamy daze. I boiled an egg, toasted fresh bread, took out a few of my favourite dishes to use, and ate at my new (very vintage) tiny formica table. The entire process made me stop and think, "this is a moment of bliss".
Revel in your little blisses, mes ami!

with joy,


Sunday Smile: billy goats and estate sales

happy billy goat

hello! This happy billy goat taps into the spirit of today's Sunday Smile!
Jen, Claire and I went to an estate sale on Saturday morning. It was a rainy day (my favourite kinda day) which meant all of the yard sales we planned to go to were canceled. Luckily, though, I had read about an indoor estate/yard sale - held in a barn! We were totally stoked about it, as only a couple of thrift-hunting ladies could be!
We were greeted by some lovely people who immediately let us know about the 2 goats, the hens & rooster, and the 2 bunnies that were housed at the rear of the barn. I bypassed all of the tables full of stuff to immediately greet all of the barn critters. I felt bad that the sale was taking up their normal living space, but was pretty darn gleeful that I got to pet them all! I may have even been more excited than little Claire ... well, almost.

Claire falling in love with some wee bunnies

billy goat nibbling on my fingertips... I let this go on for too long, but oh goodness, so cute!

Jen & Claire on route to barn: it was nasty windy rain when we got to the barnyard estate sale!

we went to the Saturday Market afterwards: Jen's getting some posies & some fresh local corn!

Here's a few snaps I took of some of the vintage photos/postcards I got at the estate sale - I got about 30 postcards & 20 polaroids. I was thrilled! I had hoped for more kitty photos - there's something about vintage photos with cats in them that make me happy. But the one I did find (below) is pretty darn cute!

white fluffy cat - vintage photo
awesome vintage photo of a bathroom loving white fluffy kitty

vintage Montana postcard
vintage postcard: Glacier Motel and Coffee Shop, Havre Montana - don't you totally want to go there?

vintage found polaroid
one of many vintage Polaroids I found in a box

I need to get a goat.
with joy,


feelin' a lil bit pretty today

Y'know when you put on something and feel, well, Good?
I had that moment today, so took some self-indulgent photos! yay! ... ?

Henry stopped by to say hi, too!
(a bird had just flown by, hence looking up just then)

If you're interested, what I'm wearing is a Marks & Spencer's navy eyelet jacket (that I bought in Paris!) and my new favourite necklace - with a pretty blue druzy stone - by Dirdy Birdy. I'll definitely be going back to Dirdy for some more jewels!
Looking at these photos makes me want to do something different with my hair. I haven't coloured it in ages and have been letting it do a natural "ombre" effect (well, ok, not really - it's just my natural colour growing in). heh. The funny thing is, I always want to go dark. I've never had dark hair, and when Fall settles in, I want to get more of a chestnut brown shade. Perhaps I'll sneak in some dark bits, just to give in to my urge a little.
oh, and here's a few other lovely pieces from Dirdy Birdy aka Leah's shop:

I have to admit that there haven't been too many days where I've felt great about myself of late. I've had a serious skin inflammation (on my face, of course) which I finally got medicine for and it's really helped. It's weird how something so *surface* can affect the inside & how you feel about yourself in the world around you. I've also had lots of flare ups with my health, all of which leads to not feeling so very pretty. So, whenever there's a moment - however fleeting - where I feel Good, I try to revel in it as much as possible. And then capture it on film and blog about it for prosperity sake. ;)

I hope you have many, many days where you feel Good!
with joy,


Sunday Smile: gettin' Lucky

polaroid - pompoms
above: polaroid I took of Lucky's youngest daughter Claire doing a little cheer!

I spent a very special Saturday with the sweetly talented Jen (AKA Lucky Jackson of 365 Lucky Days fame), helping her set up her very big show this month at the Impresario Artisan Market in Cobourg, Ontario.
If you're a Lucky fan - or just a fan of modern textile art - make sure to stop by the gallery to get an eyeful of happiness in the shape of embroidery hoops! It's pretty darn awesome to see so many of Lucky's works up on the walls. Eye candy!

above: Lucky setting up her art

Isn't Lucky's art happy-making? One can't help but smile when you see even just one of her pieces, but to fill a gallery's worth of walls with them?! Holy instant happy pill, Batman!
with joy,