Late night Pinning ... cute and cozy things

I couldn't sleep last night, too worried about all the people (and critters) being affected by stormy Sandy, so I looked up cute and cozy images.
Obviously, this led to me Pinning.

guinea pig Batman

I hope these images bring you some cozy happy thoughts!
The Batman guinea pig totally did it for me.

handsome henry in black + white

Also, my sweet cat Henry (Honey Bear) is going in for surgery today - dental surgery! I've never had a pet who needed teeth removed, but poor Henry has some pretty serious issues (I adopted him this year at the age of 3 - his medical history is unknown to me). So, my heart is thumping hard with my dear boy being gone all day - extra doses of cute and cozy things will be needed today!
with worry,


Random Monday : pretty in purple

Hello Kitty Tea Time with my friends
Cute critter pot
Dachshund by Josh Brill
1966 Candice Bergen (check out my look-alike Tumblr post!)

So, is this random enough for you?
I think this may be my favourite type of blog post.
Sweet little things to share, with the barest of strings to connect one another with!
In this case, it turned out to be a bit of purple, which was entirely coincidental! 
happy Monday!
with joy,


on the road to friends

For the first time in ages, I went to my dear friends' place about 45 minutes North-ish (I'm directionally challenged) from me. A pit stop to get gas turned into a detour through Tim Horton's to grab a latte. yum!
Gracie kept the driver's seat warm while I filled up the tank :)
It was such a lovely drive, the weather couldn't have been more wonderful! I wanted to stop so many times to take photos of the cows, horses, and random wacky signs. It's impossible for me to keep my eye on the road when there's so much to look at when you drive into the country! (don't worry, no accidents were caused by my wayward eye).
I met Michele walking down the driveway to get the mail, and by that time Gracie was frantic to get out and visit her friends (Max and Nicky, sibling Airedale dogs!). They ran and goofed around like the happiest of puppies! Astrid (my dear goddaughter) came out to greet me looking fabulous in a black little frock and new-to-me red locks. Then we went in and I was surprised by a wonderful breakfast-for-lunch meal! yummy!!
Then it was teatime, which is always a lovely time with Michele and Astrid. We sat out on the sun-drenched porch, watching the dogs and the world go by. Then it was time for a wee walk through the woods! It was so delightful - the light was beaming through the tall trees just so, hitting random bits of mosses and mushrooms. Magical.
hitting the road : pit stop
Astrid @ home
baby tomatoes
friends + tea = perfect
into the woods
ladybug on my arm
red Astrid

And that was my day today.
All kinds of necessary get-awayness!
Time with dear friends - reconnecting.
Happy dog playtime equals sleeping puppy on my feet right now.
I feel refreshed; it's been too long since I've been deep into the woods!
Thank you dear friends, the Ackermans!
with joy,


dog shaming - Grace's story

Grace shame

I kinda feel guilty about taking this photo, but I got really frustrated with Gracie recently with her insistent need to get into the litter boxes and leave little "gifts" outside of said boxes. She does this when she feels ignored. It's crazy-making!
This dog is the least ignored dog of all time. She has a pretty much constant source of attention. She used to do this ages ago, but it finally seemed to ebb. Then in recent weeks, she's back at it - stronger than ever! She often does it when I pay attention to either of the cats. It's her sneaky little way of retribution.
Oh, and she knows she's done a bad thing - she comes looking for me with this ridiculously pathetic look on her face (and often with litter on her nose).
So, I  have publicly shamed Gracie in the trendy "Dog Shaming" way. Because, y'know, she can totally read my blog and will see that her behaviour really is 'bad dog' territory.
The plus is that she really doesn't eat the poop - I feel quite grateful that she stops at picking-up-and-dropping.
This is a source of laughter for me : Dog Shaming (guilty pleasure)
Um, and then there's Cat Shaming - which I will be doing soon enough because Strongpaw works hard to be shameful.
with (shame) joy,
p.s. I love my dog. Even when her nose is covered in litter.
p.p.s. I am also aware that her behaviour is stress-related + is worsened due to the medication she is on to control her seizures = I don't really blame her for it. :)


the owl and the pussycat

Just a quick hello from a cozy corner of my home, where the owl & the pussycat reign supreme!
These are two of my favourite vintage mugs, and it's probably obvious why (hello, owls + cats? yes, please!). Inside these mugs were foamy latte goodness, perfect for a chilly autumn day.

If you live in a part of the world where it's equally chilly, I hope you find a pocket of warmth to sink into!
with joy,


my little Cathrineholm collection

my mini Cathrineholm collectionorange Cathrineholm teapot
Thank you Oh Albatross (Regina) for finding this gorgeous piece of orange enamel lotus teapot goodness!
orange lotus Catrhineholm teapot
orange and lotus goodness!
polaroid - Cathrineholm and other things
Polaroid of my little Cathrineholm collection & the little blue cupboard filled with other little things! :)

My 'collection' is only 4 pieces small, but they make me smile so big! It started with the avocado green bowl, which my friends Michele & Martin gifted me with (at the time we didn't know what Cathrineholm was). After researching, I fell in love - hard - with all things Grete Prytz Kittelsen (designer of the lotus pattern and other works via the Cathrineholm label). It took forever to add onto the one bowl, but I finally scored two little blue bowls at a local antique market. Then just a couple of weeks ago, I gave in and bought the orange lotus teapot from Oh Albatross. I could not deny it. And it was meant to live with me! We are very happy together. ;)

Regina also runs one of my most favourite blogs - go check it out! She always has the best Fuzzy Fridays!
with joy,


the one with the cupcake carrier

Thanksgiving outing

The green case I'm carrying is full of chocolate cupcakes.
Yes, I have a special carrier for cupcakes. It is one of the best things I own (thanks sis!)!
I iced those delicious cupcakes with buttery vanilla icing & topped them off with happy sprinkles.
I baked them Saturday night, iced them Sunday morning and by Monday they were all gone. And I only ate three on Sunday (one tester, one at Thanksgiving dinner, and one when I got home).
Oh, yah, and two on Monday. Almost forgot those two...

cupcakes in their carrier
icing the Thanksgiving cupcakes
Thanksgiving cupcakes!
I wore my mom's baking apron - such a cute candy-striper look to it!
Thanksgiving smiles!
my happy cupcake face!

may you have a day (or two or three) filled with cupcakes!!
with joy,


Sunday Smile: Thanksgiving Teatime

Thanksgiving teatime

I celebrated Thanksgiving today with my family, which was quite lovely indeed!
But I started today with a quiet Thanksgiving teatime.
I made this morning's tea thoughtfully, purposefully.
When the tea was poured, I sat back and took a look at the pretty little spread.
Then I gave thanks to the people in my Life; my family & my friends.
I am a single girl, but I'm not alone.
One is never alone when there are people that you connect with.
The connection is always there - a part of a sparkling web that holds us all together.
I'm grateful for these cherished people (and animals!), near and far.
They make my Life more full.
So, this special little teatime moment is for all of you (you know who you are).
Thank you.

with joy,


walking towards somewhere

Yesterday, I took a wheelbarrow full of rocks from my garden out to the parkland area right outside my front door. I took a little walk while I was there, as the day was just so lovely.

walking towards somewhere

caterpillar stretch
this little fella was out for a walk, too!

pup in a wheelbarrow
and Gracie had a ride in the wheelbarrow on the way home! (which she was very uncertain about)

Sometimes, just getting out and walking towards somewhere is all you need to do
to be inspired
to be refreshed
to be reminded
to just be

with joy,


the deer, the fox, and the owl

I couldn't sleep last night, which means I spent copious amounts of time 'window' shopping, this time at Modcloth! I found myself attracted to the autumn shades, and came up with three sweet little trios of woodland-inspired looks. Ah, the things we insomniacs do with our wee hours of the day!

I had way too much fun putting these together ... I may just do this again sometime!
I also downloaded over 30 fonts to play with in coming up with the headers for each look.
fonts + me = love
with joy,