Furry Friday

This is a moment of cuteness I had to share. Strongpaw was curled up like a little kitten, and up jumped Gracie! Instead of pestering the cat, Grace just did a sweet little snuffle to her face. Strongpaw did not move a muscle. gah. My heart melted a wee bit!

And lest I forget about my Handsome Henry, here's a silly animated GIF I did:

with furry joy,


pretty things on Etsy

I just peeked at my current Favourites on Etsy and thought it looked so pretty that I'd share them here. I seem to be attracted to a lot of textiles + textures of late. Plus, always cats, owls + doxies!
with joy,
p.s. um, just don't buy any of my favourite things unless they're for me, ok? ;)


new glasses = happy me!

hello! I just got my new glasses in the mail today, and I'm in loooove! So, obviously, I had to take many photos of myself to share in a public manner. Isn't that we do? Yes, yes it is.
I hereby give you me! Me in cute catseye frames! (do a little dance!):

The above photos were taken in front of my favourite wall, my Wall of Nature. Love how the (faux) deer head's antlers are right above my own head in that 2nd shot! ha! Couldn't have planned that any better ;)
Then I went outside and took some in natural light, because I prefer being au naturale (uh, but with clothes on). Since I had a new outfit on, I figured hey, why not take a few shots of the clothes? Let the vanity continue!

I'm a teal girl today! Teal skinny jeans, teal turquoise black brown + beige striped top + tan clogs made up my outfit today. Shall I do the blogging thing and tell you the details of my outfit? Okay!
striped top: Retimans
teal jeans: Lois
clogs: vintage Acorn Canada, thrifted
necklace: via Havok Designs
glasses: Love L740 Orange Pekoe via ClearlyContacts.ca

close up of the clogs - love them!

selfie oopsie outtake! always good for a giggle! ;)

Hope you're having a lovely beginning to your weekend! I admit to having one - love that I got my new glasses in the mail today (cannot say enough glowing happy things about Clearly Contacts!) and scored a brand new pair of Naot shoes whilst thrifting! yay! Also snuggled with the sweetest of kitties - her name is Stella, and she's one of my vet's in-shop cats. I keep telling the vet staff that if Stella ever needs a new home, she's mine.
with joy,


Bird wakes up his Cat...

Okay, this is ridiculously cute and I've watched it three times already today. It's my new happy-making video. So, please watch - but be forewarned - you will want your cat to be best friends with a bird afterwards.

with joy,


Sunday Smile: the Polaroids

polaroid - Lucky family
from the Left: me + Mr Giggles, Ellie, Astrid and Claire (with a Polaroid in hand!)
polaroid - Claire + Mr Giggles
I love that Claire's thumb print is forever embedded on this Polaroid!
polaroid - Ellie + Mr Giggles
Mr Giggles totally photo-bombed this shot. :)

So, last Sunday Smile I posted photos from a happy time spent with friends + a certain kitty named Mr Giggles. I mentioned Polaroids were taken - and here they are!
I love taking a few Polaroids of happy moments. I mean, isn't that the purpose of instant photography? Making instant memories? :)
*note: kids + cute cat are Lucky's.
with joy,


the Cathrineholm nook

Cathrineholm nook preview

Just a quick & happy little post to show you a preview of my sweet kitchen nook! I worked quite hard to get this little corner finished - the walls were a disaster after having way too many holes from too many screws after hanging t0o many shelves (whew!) so the amount of hole-filling & sanding was entirely not-so-much-fun. I did a fresh coat of white over top of the sad beige that lived on the walls before, and spray painted the pretty shelf I thrifted a while ago white. It's my favourite little nook in my apartment, and now I can't wait to paint the rest of my kitchen, living room and hallway white!
I created this white nook specifically to house my Cathrinehom bowls and kettle. I knew I wanted them to sparkle against a clean white canvas. What you can't see in this photo is my little chrome + formica kitchen table and two molded plastic chairs (one faux bois, the other turquoise).

oh, and just for giggles, here I am sanding the crap out of the above wall (in the photo you can't tell just how many holes were filled or how horribly beige the walls were, but you can tell how unkempt I was):

with joy,


Sunday Smile: Mr Giggles

mr gigs smushy face

Peeked into Lucky's today with Astrid and did a sneak Mr Giggles attack!
Mr Giggles is Lucky's most awesome cat. He is The Gigs!
Got lots of snuggles from the sweetest girls, too - Lucky's daughters.
All in all, it made for a wonderful impromptu lovefest!

Astrid and I, Elly and Claire, and Mr Gigs. Happiness!

hello Gigs! mwrar!

Isn't Mr Giggles the cutest? I love his amber eyes and multiple toes.
I've got lots of Polaroids of the girls + Gigs, too. Need to scan them in and share the awesome.
It's moments like this that make a girl smile :)
with joy,


Day 05: My hometown.


I'm not exactly sure what classifies a "Hometown"; is it where you're from originally? is it where you live currently, or is it the one that you hold dearest in your heart?
Originally, I am from Pointe Claire, Quebec. That doesn't count, though, because I was just a wee baby there. As for where I hold dearest in my heart, oddly enough I have to say Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where I spent a few years of my youth in. I have the most fantastic memories of that time in my life.
It's fitting that where I live currently is also a place I do hold dear to my heart, though. Right up with my Saudi memories. This is the town where I became a fully realized person. Where I met people I hold dearest to my heart. Where I've accomplished the most.
Peterborough, Ontario.
A town I have either lived near or lived in for over a decade now. That's a pretty long time for me, and I don't see myself moving from here anytime soon. Although, I have to admit I do daydream of moving to the west coast (hello Vancouver, Oregon, Seattle!) or to Scandinavia (see Day 01) from time to time.

I chose some photos I took on the most perfect autumn day a while ago; pictures I took at one of our most well known & visited landmarks - the Peterborough Lift Lock. It really does have a cool history to it, and I've taken the Lift Lock cruise more than once through it. It's fun to be a tourist in your own town!
I stopped on this particular day because the sun was glowing, the sky was its bluest, the leaves were oh so robust, and the Canadian Geese were especially pretty amongst the leafy reflections.


This is most definitely one of the reasons I love my hometown. It glows in the autumn. We have a love/hate relationship with the Canadian Geese that take over (well, I love them but a lot of folks hate them for their immeasurable amounts of poop). I live in a part of Ontario that really does make for spectacular autumn visages. There is so much nature here! I hope that never changes, although I know it will - it already has. I can see "progress" angling its way in every year that goes by. I hope, though, the City stops before it becomes one of my previous "hometowns" like Pickering or Newmarket. Both of those towns were full of nature and farmlands and all that good stuff when I first moved there, only to become asphalt jungles by the time I moved.
I can never live in a place that is made up of mostly concrete and malls. I need nature and space and, yes, even Canadian Geese! to be content.
I live in a quaint part of Peterborough, in what is called East City. You get to it by going over bridges. Isn't that awesome?! I think it's pretty cool. Because of how East City is built, there is really no room to bulldoze down anything to build up malls and such. It's kind of protected. I live directly across a city parkland with the Rotary Trail going through it for pedestrians/cyclists to enjoy. Then there's a canal where I can watch ducks play and dogs swim. It really is quite ideal.

On top of that, we have a fabulous downtown community of independently owned businesses. Of which I used to be very steeped in! I worked at a couple of the shops there, and then opened my own years later. Now I even have a friend who owns one of the shops! (Des of sofawned.com owns ShopTango.ca) You can get shoes, fashion, vintage, health food, locally brewed beer, eat at fabulous restaurants (Mexican! Thai! Cajun! Pub! etc!) and let's not forget our cafes. Personally, I have never lived anywhere with such an awesome array of shops and eateries. All in one area of town. Bliss.
Oh, and let's not forget my town's artisans and musicians! Good lord, it is an endless tap of creativity here!

So, what are you waiting for? I know you want to move here! ;)
with neighbourhood pride,
p.s. we also have a Cosco, 2 Wal-Marts, a semi-big Mall, a bunch of big box stores and tons of Tim Hortons.  


Sunday Smile: destiny at the antique barn

girl in a mirror! hello! :)

My mom and I went to a favourite lunch spot, and afterwards I popped into the antique barn nearby. I go to this place semi-regularly, and almost always leave with a little treasure. Today was no different! It was obviously destiny. After taking a peek around, I had decided on a little West German sconce vase that goes with a vase I have, but then when I was walking towards the checkout, I happened to look down into a box. There it was, like a beacon, a shiny box with the words 'Polaroid Spectra' on it! In case you didn't know this already, I'm a Polaroid girl. And the Spectra is one of my favourites. So, my heart fluttered as I picked up the shiny box, and when I opened it I realized this was a MIB Spectra Polaroid. I don't think it was even ever taken out of its styrofoam encasement before! Squeal! I haggled on the price a bit, and happily brought it home with me. It's not the type of Spectra I would have normally been excited about, as it's a Spectra 2 and has none of the controls my Spectra AF has. Oh, but it is so shiny!
I've become a bit obsessed with Spectra Polaroids of late. 
here it is, in its shiny box. I have to wait til I get more film from The Impossible Project before playing!

It really is enough to make this girl smile!
with joy,


Day 03: Something I never leave the house without.

For Day Three, I'm to share with you something I never leave the house without.
I would have to say it is this:

My powerful little digital camera, a Canon S95.

It didn't used to be this case, because my previous camera was too big/bulky to tote along with me on a daily basis. Normally, I would haul a bag full of cameras (Polaroids, lomo cameras, etc) if I knew I'd be heading somewhere that I'd get a twitchy trigger finger. Now, though, I bring my new-to-me Canon S95 with me everywhere. I love that it's little, I love that it's got lots of doodads to play with, and I love the sweet leather case it lives in (like a sweater, only leather + not so cuddly).

I would be sharing a photo of said camera, but I didn't have a digital camera to take a photo of my digital camera with. Yup. So, instead, I did a doodle of my camera. It's more fun, anyways. Doodling is always more fun.
with joy,


Day 02: a favourite movie.

It's Day Two of 30 Days Hath November, and it's topic is 'a favourite movie'.
I am constantly trying to do a Top 10 list of all time favourite movies, but I find it quite difficult to pin down 10. Mostly that's because my memory sucks, so it's difficult to recall which movie I really enjoyed.
Normally, I have the following movies somewhere on my list:
Breakfast at Tiffany's (if only for the scene where Paul and Holly steal a dog + cat mask from the 5 & dime)
Big Trouble in Little China (I bet you haven't seen this, and I bet if you have you'll think I'm weird that it's on my Top 10)
Legend (hello epic evil vs good to save a unicorn!)
Fifth Element (really, this needs no explanation)
The Big Sleep
Bell Book and Candle

oh the list goes on! It's always more than 10, and it always changes (thanks to spontaneous bolts of memory flashes!).

A newer movie (2006) hit the top 10ish list since I first saw it, and it'll probably remain there.
The only movie Will Ferrell is in that I am in love with. Utterly in love with. (I'm also smitten with Elf)

"I brought you flours." = one of the most epic scenes, ever.

If you haven't seen the movie, then I might have ruined one of the best scene by showing you the above image. To put it into perspective, the love interest he is giving 'flours' to is a baker. The fact the leading lady (in this case, Maggie Gyllenhaal) is a baker is yet another reason I adore this story. And it is a story; more of a story than a movie; which is the best kind of movie! It's full of whimsy and sweetness and self-discovery. Emma Thomspon's character (the neurotic writer of a book in which the main character - Will - happens to exist in the real world - kind of difficult to explain) narrates the film - yet another reason to love it! Queen Latifah has a small role in it, too, which is kind of cool.

So, if you haven't seen this movie yet, I hope I sold it with that short paragraph above. If that doesn't work, then here's two clips from the movie, which don't ruin the story of the movie (but it does make it seem like it's all about Maggie + Will, which it isn't):

There you go! One of my all-time favourite movies. A movie I can watch again and again and never tire of it. I actually do watch it at least once a year.
with joy,


Day 01: a place I'd like to travel.

illustration of Scandinavia by Elena

This is the month for 30 Days Hath November, which means today is:
Day 01: A place I'd like to travel.

I want to travel to = Scandinavia!
Scandinavia includes Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Norway. I believe it also branches out to a few other islands, and other nearby countries have a deep cultural relevance to Scandinavia. I'd love to visit them all!
In my dream world, I would spend a few months living in and traveling around all of these countries. My heart is pulled there. I am drawn to the art and culture, without even seeking it out. Many of my favourite designers and artists are from that part of the world, and if not actually from there then are inspired by them.

The funny thing is, the one country that I thought was a part of Scandinavia - but isn't! - is the Netherlands. Did anyone else think the Netherlands was a part of all the Scandinavian countries? Well, I'm slumping it in with the rest because I really really really want to go there. It's where The Impossible Project's Factory is - and that's kind of like Mecca to me. Seriously. I am that much of a Polaroid freak.

Some imagery to get you in the mood:

Copenhagen (artist from USA)
kitty on roller skates (by a Swedish artist)
the Scandinavian kitchen (by a French artist)
Jane Foster's Scandinavian bunnies (by a British artist)
Bjork (I like to think of her as the Princess of Iceland)

with joy,