oh my deer, Merry Christmas!

polaroid - the reindeer dog

Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you!
Grace allowed me to dress her up as a reindeer (a bit of a sad reindeer, eh?) so I could take this Polaroid.
Such a festive girl! er, well, more to the point she was utterly embarrassed and therefore wouldn't move.

Grace as a reindeer.
me as a reindeer?
me copying Grace's look of chagrin
oh yes, animated gif worthy!

Have a happy, festive, cookie-filled Christmas Day!
*if you don't celebrate Christmas, then I hope it's still cookie-filled!
with reindeer and puppy joy,


Christmas scenes from around my home

this is a little glitter deer head.
obviously, I had to buy it and hang it up!
it now greets anyone who may dare enter my lair ;)
without the flash!
my little ceramic tree, sitting next to my bed.
freshly thrifted vintage creche! I love its plastic charm.
even my poor unsuspecting vintage critters get into the Christmas spirit!
I thrifted this fabulous garland to make my Wall of Nature more festive

Believe it or not, there's even more holiday decor going on in my little apartment [here] and [here]. I kind of went overboard this year, which is unprecedented in the Hobbit Hole (what my apartment is affectionately known as). I'd like to think, though, it's not a commercialized Christmas in my abode. It's kitschy and nature-inspired, for sure, but not "Christmasy" if you know what I mean?
I admit to having a thing for glitter this holiday season, though. It's a first for me! I've never been a glittery girl, but gosh darn it all, a little glitter goes a long way to brighten up a day!
Merry Christmas Eve!
and Merry Christmas to those who are a day ahead of me!
with festive joy,


the one with the crazy antlered girls

3 antlered amigos

My mom and I went to my goddaughter's family home for a pre-Christmas celebration. It's an annual event, and one that I greatly cherish. It's all about yummy food, laughter, and friendship.
This year I brought antlers for myself, Astrid and little Gracie. Obviously, photoshoots were necessary!
Between antler shenanigans, I also took photos of our Christmas together:

deer wrap
my wrapping job - all deer, all the time!
gift table
Michele hand painted little red birds on kraft paper! so sweet!
dreams come true
hedgehog mugtail
I never even dreamed I would own a mugtail!! Astrid got me the hedgehog! eep!!
doxie S&P
I received these sweet Dachshund S+P shakers from the Ackermans! yes!
Hello Kitty cupcake topper
cupcakes with festive icing and a giant Hello Kitty!!
foxy shortbread
fox shaped shortbread cookies? yes please!
grace in a tree
the Gracie ornament I made for the Ackermans hung on their Christmas tree. so sweet! :)
sprocket rocket instructions
Astrid and her dad Martin working on putting film on the Sprocket Rocket I gave her :)
crazy antlered girls
more of those crazy antlered girls!

Such a Merry pre-Christmas time was had by all! Lots of cookies were eaten, too. :)
It's so lovely to have friends-that-are-family. To be able to just *be*. Sometimes its not like that with our own families, so it's nice to have people to spend time with that *get you* and you *get them*. Y'know what I mean? Like, you can wear antlers and act like a bunch of red-nosed reindeer and it's perfectly normal. ;)
with joy,


Bill Murray Paper Doll

I came across this little bit of awesomeness just a few minutes ago and quickly fell in love, so had to share!
An artist's ode to Bill Murray in paper doll form - not just the static paper doll, which is awesome enough, but also a fabulous stop motion video! boom! happiness.

Bill Wearing Socks from Niege Borges on Vimeo.
This is my thank you card to Bill Murray. But as I am not very good with words, I decided to make a paper doll with costumes of his filmography.
Thanks to Vinícius Perez that edited this video.
You can buy a poster with all the costumes here: http://society6.com/NiegeBorges/Bill-Wearing-Socks_Print
enjoy! (kinda wish the actual paper doll was available, but the poster is pretty sweet!)
I adore the flick 'The Man Who Knew Too Little' so squealed a little at its inclusion. Also, Rushmore and What About Bob. Um, and Life Aquatic and everything else by Wes Anderson. Oh! Ghostbusters! ah, yah, let's not forget Caddyshack shall we? Really, Bill just rocks doesn't he? :)
This reminds me that I need to see 'Broken Flowers'.
with joy,


the Cat and the Muffin

Above shows just how much my Strongpaw loves her muffins! I just laid the plate down for a sec and BOOM! She woke up from her cat nap and shoved her face into the chocolatey goodness.
I don't blame her.
They're that good.

fresh out of the oven! MmmMmmm

Monday is for Muffins!
with joy,


Sunday Smile: little Golden Christmas Tree

I've been making Merry around these parts, putting up Christmas decorations and playing lots of festive music (by The Good Lovelies and Meaghan Smith). There's something about having Christmas music blaring in the home that makes a girl just want to get her decking of the halls on!

I love my golden Christmas tree. It's just the right level of tacky. Add a feather boa and bunches of unique decorations and it makes for a fine little tree indeed! I wanted as much glitz as possible, so stuck with mostly sparkly things. The newest edition is the darling painted cork feather I picked up at our local Focus Fair by the ever-talented Mel of Needle and Nest Design.

I'll have lots more Christmas photos to share over the coming days, I'm sure. I just keep decking! I even have a 2nd little tree, a vintage one, sitting in my foyer to greet visitors. I have never gotten so into decorating for the season as I have this year. Maybe it's because it's a great distraction from all the cleaning I have to do around here. ha. (seriously. I'm the queen of procrastination...)

Henry Bear cat wanted to be a part of the sparkle party :)

with holiday joy,


Lucky Jackson at the Gallery in the Attic

Last night was the Gala Opening of Lucky Jackson's 365 Lucky Days show at the Gallery in the Attic.
It was a lovely party, full of laughter and creative energy!
Jen (Lucky) was there with her husband Ben and their two daughters Claire and Ellie.
The above photo is Jen taking a sweet photo of Ellie showing off a drawing she did.
Below is Claire sipping away in front of lots 'n lots of Lucky art!
Sweetness abounds!

It's always a lovely way to spend time, visiting a gallery and immersing oneself in art. Even more so when there's friends (new and old), laughter, children twirling and happy energy.

Here's a few photos from around the Gallery:

Here's Lucky interviewed by Steve Guthrie on our local station, Chex TV.
Also interviewed is the Gallery's curator, Elizabeth Fennel:

The show at the Gallery in the Attic is on til the end of 2012, so if you're a local reader hop on up to this wonderful art space to see Lucky's work as well as many other artisans! :)

here I am with the Lucky girl herself! xo
with joy,


oh, Maru

I'm pretty sure you all know about Maru, right? He's kind of famous.
I just saw this video and it made me giggle, so thought I'd share. Even though there's a high possibility you've already seen it a few times already. The cardboard Deathstar-like kitty house is called a Kamakura Lair, and it's designed in Japan. Of course. Because all the cool cat stuff is in Japan. Which is why I want to go to Japan. Maybe I can even meet the famous Maru? Oh, one can only dream!

totally looks like the Deathstar, am I right?

Maru is entirely too entertaining. I have no idea how his humans keep up with his antics. I bet he's a handfull, and quite possibility have a bit of a Prima Donna attitude.

Which for some reason has made me segue into this...

PrimaDonna by Marina and the Diamonds

This is a bit of a random post, isn't it? I'm in a random mood, so it's okay. I kinda dig Marina and the Diamonds, I've blogged them before (2 years ago!). This particular video/song is oh so Marie Antoinette, don't you think? A modern-sixties kinda Marie with no beheading and a German Shepherd. hmmm.
with random joy,


the one with the glittery deer

I've been madly getting into the Christmas season, at least as far as decorating is concerned (well, I also finished my Christmas shopping at the end of November...). I even got some gold glitter paint to make my Christmas get a little glitzy!
I found this old discarded white flocked deer in a thrift shop and immediately knew I wanted her to stand in the middle of a wreath. Funny thing is, I'm not a wreath kinda girl. But, I just knew its where she belonged. Not only that, but I knew she needed to be gilded.
*note: I may or may not have heard the deer tell me this

Now I have a Watcher at my front door! I feel suddenly safer and more glittery all at the same time.
I also learned I'm highly allergic to glitter paint. This made my crafty session a little less fun, but I think the pain was worth it. I kinda want to dip other things in gold now...

I'm attracted to shiny things this Season - I've added touches of glittery gold decor here and there around my place. Heck, even my little Christmas tree is gold! If there's ever a time to shine, its this wonderful season.

This bit of wreath craftiness was also quite easy on the pocket book. Even with the one wreath I thrifted and realized it was a piece of crap that couldn't be salvaged (true story) - I only wasted a dollar though, and it was also a good learning experience (you can't save everything). I found a real evergreen wreath (smells lovely!) for only $10 and then added a few sprigs of glittery fake leaves + fake red berries, which were 50% off at Michaels. The deer came with the original wreath, so it was free. I think I may go out for a hike and pick up some fallen pine cones & clip some wintry berries to add to the festivities.
with joy,


Sunday Smile: Good Manners

all vintage posters from Ismoyo

These sweet posters are happy reminders that good manners never go out of style!
Remember to say "Thank You"
Don't be a "Litterbug"
Take turns
Respect other's property

For some reason seeing these made me smile today. We live in such a fast-past world now that sometimes it's nice to remember to slow it down and take the time to be kind.
with joy,