Caturday: cats in sweaters

For today's Caturday I bring you a classic: cats wearing sweaters!
It never gets old.
Except maybe for the cats.
Although I hear some cats like wearing sweaters. Not mine.
So I bring you other peoples' cats wearing sweaters!

Charlie Gentlecat
Mango and Sweater
Krammer's Christmas Sweater

click on each photo to be brought to their original Flickr page. all images found via a Flickr Gallery

happy Caturday!
with kitty glee,


Social Print Studio

I recently ordered a stack of little square prints of a few of my Instagram snaps, via Social Print Studio's Pinstagram app.
I am in love!
So cute!
So little!
So square!
I decided to try out the 48 tiny squares for $12.
I will be ordering more goodies from them, too!
Since I'm such an avid Instagrammer (Instagramer? Instagramr?) I figured it would be a great way to get more creative with my images. I think I'll get their tiny books next time. And now you can also get big books, too! And poster-sized prints!

I like the idea of doing things like this to give as gifts! I know I'd dig a gift like this. I'm a sucker for cute little things.

with joy,


what I wore on Caturday

So, today is Caturday. And I wore my Catwoman tee. How cool am I?!
I'm crazy cat lady cool, that's how!
I actually did this absentmindedly, not on purpose. Which makes it less cool.
I've been feeling icky the past few days, and as a pick-me-up, I thought I'd wear real clothes (with a bra and everything!) and go out for a Starbucks (in which my awesome mom drove me to, as I still can't drive due to a ridiculously klutzy accident I had a month ago). Thanks, mom!

just look at my excellent outfit of the day selfie! (um, yah, I need to work on that)
I didn't even know the garden hose was a part of it til later.

Above shows how I wore all my special rings today.
I hardly ever wear rings, but now that I have a solid set of favourites, I think I'll be wearing them more often!

close up of my new kitty ring by Fox and The Fawn!

I had done a selfie when I got the ring, via Instagram, showing my giddiness:

I was tickled when Kayla, of Fox and the Fawn, re-posted the above photo on her own Instagram feed! Isn't it funny the things that give us a lift? That did. As does the ring.
As does having a moment of joy after having a couple of trying days. It's always lovely to have that ray of sunshine - just happened that for me, it landed on a Caturday!

Speaking of cats ... here's mine from today:
Henry Bear and a (not so real) turtle.

Strongpaw in her natural habitat.

Hope your Caturday had some lovely moments, whether you have feline friends or not! Caturday is for everyone. Even dogs (Grace got into the spirit by snuggle under a blanket with me):

with joy,


baby goats!


Seriously. What is it about baby goats and their insane amount of adorableness?! Add them sniffing/carrying flowers and it's a whole new level of cute. Oh, and wearing jackets. Yup. You can see why I had to do a post dedicated to this subject matter, right?
with joy,



Hello out there!
It's me, Caren.
It's been a while.
I've been on a blog "vacation".
I've been busy elsewhere, though!
(Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, yup)
Poor blog, though, got ignored.
I do apologize.

I thought I'd spruce up some of the behind-the-scenes around here.
Like my 'Who Me?' page - it got updated! Woah!
It's funny, though, I still like the way my blog looks.
One would think one would do a makeover?
I might still do so!

My Etsy shop has been on vacation, too.
Which will be reversed soon enough!
I can't wait to find my rhythm once again;
in my day-to-day Life
which will be reflected
(I hope!)
in this space
and elsewhere.

So, hello out there!
It's nice to see you again :)
with joy,


Uppercase 18 and Grace

uppercase 18 + Grace

I made a pretty little nook on my deck with my favourite fabric (it decorates a few doorways in my apartment) and snuggled down in the sunshine to re-read the current issue of Uppercase Magazine, #18. I love how you can always go back to an issue and find something you missed the first or second time viewing it. I admit, the first time I pick up the magazine I always just ogle the images. The second time, I take the time to read the interviews and ideas. The third, I search for things I missed the first two times. Then I go back a few months later to start the process over again. Best magazine, ever.
And my pup Grace agrees! She kept poking her nose into my reading time.
Eventually, I gave up on reading and gave Gracie the attention she was seeking (belly rubs and her getting on my lap).

uppercase 18 + Grace
puppy paws & collage shoes (Lisa Case 'Popsicle Stand' and Michelle Thomspon's 'At the Bottom')
uppercase 18 + Grace
Grace was intrigued by the Ma + Chr petits chiens collage collaboration pieces (those eyes!)
p.s. I love this particular Ma + Chr 'petits chiens' piece:

belly rubs!
and then it's Gracie time!
paw on foot
love how she stepped up on my foot :)
this face
and then there was no going back, it was all Gracie all the time!

You can't blame me for giving up on reading something with this cutie patootie seeking attention! She should be in magazines! ;)

One of my favourite sections in Uppercase is their ABECEDARY, and in this issue it was dedicated to "Sticky Things". D is for Dubble Bubble! T is for Taffy! Q is for Quagmire (a sticky situation)! Every issue serves up a different theme for the alphabet. Great way to find out new facts.

There was also a feature on chairs, which included mention of a fabulous series of vintage chair Polaroids by Jen Shaffer of Painted Fish Studio. I love Jen's photography, so was tickled to see her work featured! There's always someone I know of in the pages of Uppercase. It's like a little (big) family.

view more of Jen's Painted Fish Studio: Etsy and Website and Instagram

with joy,


Caturday : the dude

he's the dude

this is F-Man aka Feather aka Patience (his actual name) aka The Dude.
he isn't my cat, but he's been featured on my blog more than once and he shows up in my Instagram feed quite often.
he visits me almost daily, and for a little while even lived with me (before I knew he was owned by my neighbour).
yup, F-Man is my neighbour's cat. but he pretty much lives in my backyard (good hunting opportunities lay there, however I do not allow killing of my garden's critters - and the dude wears a bell to help hinder that activity).
I love the dude. As soon as I step outside, I can hear his little bell when he runs out from under a shrub or hops up on the fence to dash over to me. He always - ALWAYS - does his little happy-rolling-on-the-ground dance as a way to say hello.
I have wild catnip here and there in my yard, specifically for the dude to partake in.
He's my buddy.

the dude
the dude
the dude
F-Man is the dude
polaroid - cat in a wheelbarrow
above: a Polaroid I took of the dude lounging in my red wheelbarrow. he does that a lot. :)

If it were possible, I'd adopt this cat to be mine always. I've known him for 8+ years. He's the same age as my Strongpaw - oh, and Strongpaw HATES the dude. Spitting mad hate. And my dog Grace is super jealous of this interloper of my affection. Even though she's known him her entire life and was her first furry friend. Funny fur babies. Henry Bear cat doesn't know F-Man very well, but I think they could be friends.

So, today's Caturday is all about the dude.
"the dude abides" works well for the cat as well as the character from The Big Lebowski
with joy,


Sunday Smile: vintage dresses and Kinfolk

yellow polka dot dress
kinfolk volume eight

I haven't done a Sunday Smile in ages and it's near the end of June, so I thought I'd do a happy little post about a few recent acquisitions that made me smile!
I thrifted a cute vintage yellow polka dot sundress that actually fit me! I was pretty stoked about that find!
Just prior to that, I ordered a lovely lavender vintage dress from Miss Farfella and it arrived just after I found the yellow dress. I felt like I hit the vintage dress jackpot! The purple dress has the best swirly abstract dotty pattern and is perfectly faded. The fact that it also fit me like a dream made me extremely happy!
Around the same time, my issue of Kinfolk magazine came in the mail, and it's the first one I've ever had in hand. It is a gorgeous book - really, it's more a book than a magazine. When I found out the focus was on Japan, I knew I had to have it. I am slowly working my way through the copy, wanting to make it last as long as possible. I am entranced with the minimalist take on design and the use of soft white space. Swoon!

Grace toes and nose

I found Grace in bed, wrapped up exactly like you see above. I had to share the image because, well, look at the cute! Sometimes I am caught off-guard with her adorable ways. She is a constant source of smiles!

Back to Kinfolk - this article, Instant Extraction, is one I find very helpful. I hope to go to Japan one day, and knowledge of good coffee to be found there is good knowledge to have! Issue Eight has made me think of getting a subscription to this beautifully curated magazine.

As for my vintage dresses, I hope to get a lot of wear out of both this summer! So far, though, I haven't had a chance to dash about town in them. I need to do a slight alteration to the yellow polka-dot one (because I am short, and the dress was obviously meant for an Amazon). The lavender one is for special outings - possible picnics, garden tea parties, frolicking through the forests, etc. :)

with joy,


a very happy Lucky day!

I spent last Sunday with my friend Jen (lucky jackson), her girls and my pup Grace. These are some Instagrams I took to share the fun from our day!
Gracie loves hanging with Jen's family - the girls go crazy for some Gracie love, and vice versa. Mr Giggles, Jen's cat, wasn't so sure of spending quality time with Grace, but by the end of the visit, they got close enough to sniff noses without any swatting/barking/running away/chasing. Success!
We went to the Lakefield Flea Market where I found the cutest owl planter sporting a crazy spider plant hair do. I had to bring him home. I also brought home a couple of Marilyn Monroe photo books.
And then there was hula hooping. Lots of hula hooping! And Gracie snuggles!
Pretty much a perfect day, except for when I forgot my car (yes, that did happen) and then when I was dropped off to pick up my forgotten car, I forgot the keys. I blame it on the humidity and heat. ;)

Also, I found out about PhotoGrid, an awesome little App to make all your Instagram collage dreams come true. That's how I created the above collages.
with joy,


Caturday : I Used to be Scared of Cats...

The post's title is not in reference to myself, as there hasn't been a day that I've ever been afraid of cats. Not even when they've bitten, scratched, or stared incessantly at me. "I used to be scared of cats" is the title of a blog I only just found out about. I seriously have no idea how that happened, because oh dear me, what a cute blog!

What makes this kitty blog even better is that it's owned by the fabulously talented artist behind BurntFeather (aka Fee Harding). I just bought myself the Cat Girl (Batman) print, something I've coveted for a long time.
Cat Girl by burntfeather

Here's some blog posts I read on the first page, and I was instantly smitten by. You'll find the links to the posts under the photos:

Hello Kitty Toy Shop
Hello Kitty Store in Japan

Neko no Panya - how did I not know about this bakery kitty before?!

Snoopy The Cat Fanart
Snoopy the Cat! Image above by Fee. Snoopy is way too kawaii!! argh!

And that's just a few things I saw and read about on I USED TO BE SCARED OF CATS. Obviously, it will be my new go-to web space. I learned so much in such a short period of time! CATS!

and yes, I do now follow all of the above. I believe in the art of cat-stalking.
with cat joy,


my Bookhou bag!

I was super stoked when I saw these small Pocket Bags by Bookhou, and immediately bought the triangle + rain pattern one! I needed a small hands-free bag to carry my smartphone and a few other necessities in for when I walk my pup or ride my bike. In a matter of days, this oh so fabulous little handmade darling was in my hands. Obviously, I had to do a wee photoshoot...

loved my name hand-written on this little card!

triangles! little rainy stripes! leather! natural fabric! LOVE!

how good does this loo against the pink sofa, amiright?!

Doesn't it look pretty hanging amongst my necklaces? It is sort of like jewelry; I'll probably wear it in lieu of a necklace!
For those who don't know what/who Bookhou is, here's some links to get acquainted by:

I first came across Bookhou (aka Arouna and John) on Etsy ages ago and coveted their large totes. I never use large totes, though, so went on to their day bags. Actually, I covet all of their designs. I love that they use natural materials, I love that they are handcrafted, that they're made in Toronto! yay! and their minimalist aesthetic. I'm usually one for bold bits of colour in my accessories, but I always knew I'd add a Bookhou black/natural bag into my wardrobe. I just can't believe it took this long! I am totally getting a tote bag next.

with joy,