Happy New Year! Eat More Cake!

Happy New Year = Eat More Cake
a Polaroid I took of my cake, which I then doodled upon

Happy 2013 everybody!
tagline for the new year:
"Eat More Cake!"

Henry's already ahead of the game, as he got the first lick of the cake I baked for New Year's.
He's a very smart cat.

Henry likes icing.

Take a bite out of 2013, everybody!
Strongpaw says Happy New Year! (begrudgingly)
Gracie says Happy New Year! (dejectedly)
Henry says Happy New Year! (solemnly)

Ha. Love those critters of mine. And cake.
So, for this fresh new year, I wish for all of us:
warmth when you are feeling cold
comfort when you are alone
kindness when you're in hard times
sweetness when life's too tart
laughter when things get too serious
and cake. always cake!
with joy,

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