I Tumble therefore I am ...

I've been pretty quiet so far in 2013, and I have only my silly sickies to blame. I've been sick since before Christmas, but was in denial for most of its duration. I just kept moving along, until the sickies decided to make itself very hard to ignore. So, I've been laying really low and attempting self-care. Which equates lots of snuggle-time with the fur babies, watching movies on Netflix, eating Saltines (seriously, who invented that cracker? it's the only thing that my sickies will handle - well, that and pancakes), sleeping, sleeping some more, and oh yes, Tumbling. Yup, you heard me right. I've become a Tumblr addict. I started with one, and since this past week I have 3. The last one I just created today.
I do realize I should be reading books, doing creative things, eating soup, and what-not, but for some reason I get all creatively charged when I Tumble. Weird, I know.

"aimless" is the first one I started back in September of 2012. It was a fun little exercise, something like Pinning but more creative + just for me. The key to Tumbling right is always making sure you know the source of an image/photograph/art before you blog it. Same goes for Pinning, really. Sure, we really just want to save a link or an image, but it's just common courtesy to ensure the source is there so that the original artist/photographer/designer (etc.) never gets lost in the fray. Also, since we are Pinning, Tumbling, etc. in a public arena, it's also nice when other people can click on the image and find its source. I get a little preachy about this, but hey, I'm kinda old school about some things - like being courteous + kind.
When I started up "aimless", I had a tough time finding an original URL to give it. Everything I came up with was already taken (which made me feel very un-unique). Then I remembered something from my trip to Paris with my friend Karen, which is now our inside joke. "watch your muffins" - totally weird, right? It refers to this time in Paris when a Gypsy girl stole my muffin. True story. So, Karen and I were all "watch your muffins!" when we went out in public on the pretty streets of Paris. It really is a hodgepodge of imagery, but every one of them makes me smile. 
monochromaticcat.tumblr.com AKA "the cat in black & white"

I love black and white photography (and art) and especially cats in black and white. So I created a Tumblr blog dedicated to just that. Sometimes humans get in there, too, with their cats. Somehow, there's more than a few of cats wearing glasses. hmmm. Future Tumblr theme, perhaps? Or, better yet, cats in sweaters ... or for a broader reach, critters in sweaters! (you see my problem, right? ADDICTIVE)

onlypolaroid.tumblr.com AKA "only polaroid"

Just today, I was inspired to start up a Tumblr sharing only Polaroids. The first one I posted is a series of Debbie Harry polaroids that Andy Warhol took. I'll slowly add to it with real Polaroids I come across, just to further my love affair with all things instant photography :)

my 3 Tumblrs' icons :)

It's funny, 'cause I used to think lowly of Tumblr. I thought of it as a "we heart it" kinda place. No original content or uniqueness. But, I've come to find that it's a real collective. Lots of communities are built. Tons of cross-pollination with different types of folks, all of whom share a common interest in something - whether it be retro pinups, comic books, polaroids, cats (let's be honest, cats rule Tumblr just like everything else), etc.

So, if I'm not here, I'm Tumbling. Aimlessly. :)
oh, and if you have a Tumblr, let me know! We can become Tumblr buddies.
with joy,

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