Living Dolls

Let the eye candy ensue:

hello Mad Men!

All of these glorious miniature pieces of awesomeness is from a blog I happened upon when searching for Honey West (mid century series of books + a pretty sweet short-lived TV series starring Anne Francis) - see below. Well, colour me fabulous when I saw the retro dioramas Maryann Roy creates. In Maryann's words:
"Welcome Home" – This is  my artistic desire to design and create visually pleasing settings in 1:6 scale, for collectors of fashion dolls, toy companies, doll magazines, and miniature aficionados.

I think I'll just let the photos do the talking, because I don't think I can articulate just how freaking awesome these doll rooms are. I kinda want to be shrunk by a Shrinking Ray Gun so that I can live in them. Specially Honey West's swanky pad.
Oh, and I'm totally going to buy the complete series of Honey West - it was on air for a mere year - I found it on Amazon.ca so it's going into my shopping cart ASAP! 
with joy,

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